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Enjoy enhanced sound for your Playbar and multi-account music service support. Try it today in beta.

We invest in software and services to continue to give you more from your Sonos years after you first bring it to your home. This includes every part of the experience – from functionality, to an expanding portfolio of music services, and even the way your speaker sounds.

This year we’ve made Sonos even easier, faster and more flexible to setup and control with Sonos software updates. With Sonos 5.2, available to try in beta today*, we’ve built on that and more.

Enjoy a HiFi soundbar experience for your music with Playbar sound enhancements.

The new software update includes a release for Playbar that takes an already great music experience and makes it even better.   With improvements to the soundstage (using stereo imaging), along with updates to the EQ and volume balance, even the slightest nuances in the music are positioned more clearly, so that you can experience a more immersive, natural sound.

Connecting to your entire world of music is even easier and more personalized with multi-account music service support and more.

Music is personal for every listener and as streaming continues to become mainstream, a great experience needs to embrace the changing times.

Sonos 5.2 includes multi-account music service support, so those of you living among other music lovers can easily listen to Sonos on your terms.

The new software update also gives instant control and faster time to your music.

  • Control your Sonos from the lock screen of Android smartphone or tablet to play, pause, and skip tracks in an instant.
  • Easily find the music you love by searching across all your music sources, now inclusive of songs stored directly on your device.

*Sonos 5.2 will be released later this year. Try it today in beta on Android devices and through the Sonos Desktop Controllers for Mac and PC.

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