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SONOS Bandcamp is a global community of hundreds of thousands of artists and the fans who directly support them.

There’s a new arrival in the Sonos streaming family. And we’re especially stoked about this one coming home. Bandcamp is a global community of hundreds of thousands of artists and the fans who directly support them. This artist-first platform is now a permanent part of the Sonos experience.

There’s plenty of reasons to be hyped for what Bandcamp brings to music lovers. At its core, Bandcamp gives artists and fans maximum control over their own music. Artists set their own prices, sell their music and merch, and can update everything in real time. Fans can stream all their purchased music instantly on the free app and through Sonos, or download in both lossless and MP3 formats.

Bandcamp is the place to find amazing independent music across the world in all genres, from well-known independent artists and labels to new discoveries and exclusives not found anywhere else.  Fans use Bandcamp to support their favorite artists and to discover new music, by following artists and fans whose taste they love. More than 20% of music bought on Bandcamp is sparked by these community discovery features.

All this means you now have access to a world of new music on one of the most artist-friendly platforms around. So dive in – find new sounds, support some of your favorite independent artists, and blast it all on your Sonos.

So much new music is a lot to take in at once – here are a few excellent places to get started.

Car Seat Headrest
Bandcamp is the place you can discover someone like Will Toledo, who released eleven records of increasingly excellent indie rock on the site, before signing to Matador Records for album twelve, also available on Bandcamp. Get the rare chance to hear an artist grow into his own in real time.


Sheer Mag
Innovative genre combinations are everywhere on Bandcamp. Sheer Mag’s blend of glam-rock swagger and supercharged raw punk is so compelling you’ll wonder why nobody else thought of it first.


Michael Christmas
Listening to Boston MC Michael Christmas rap is like hanging out with your funniest and coolest friend – the vibes are so good, you don’t even mind when he’s clowning on you.


Gospel Claws
More rare sounds and genre hybrids – Gospel Claws reach back half a century to the golden age of doo-wop to inspire their retropop sound. RIYL sock hops and 50s teenage blues.


Tons of artists take advantage of Bandcamp’s openness to experiment and stretch their wings. Baths frontman Will Wiesenfeld created Geotic as an outlet for his more atmospheric and mellow side. Good move – the records are pure electronic bliss.