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TIDALHiFi is now streaming Jay-Z, Arcade Fire, deadmau5 and more all over the house on Sonos.

Introducing a tidal wave of HiFi music.

Today TIDALHiFi launched the first artist-owned high definition streaming music service. Available day one on your Sonos Wireless HiFi System in more than 30 countries – TIDALHiFi promises lossless FLAC streaming from over 25 million songs, expert-curated editorial, and most importantly, the perspective of artists who are bound to shake things up for the better.

Artists are in tune with how people are listening to their music and they will play a vital role in shaping the future of how we experience it.  Until now, the artist lost control of how their music was listened to once it left the mix engineers’ studio.  Music creators are looking for ways to build a more pure connection between their art and how we listen. From today, streaming will become the creative playground for an artist (vs. a distribution channel) to present their music – and in the way they want it experienced.

At Sonos, our job is to present music that is as close as possible to the original sound and heartbeat that goes into every note written.  We work with music creators every day and remain focused on making sure the pathways to the world of sound are clear with an experience on Sonos that is easy and intuitive.  Music, after all, is to be felt, absorbed, celebrated and listened to out loud.  And we will work with the TIDALHiFi team, as well as our other 60+ music service partners, to continue to push the limits for creating the best listening experience in the home.

TIDALHiFi is now available around the world for a $19.99 USD* monthly subscription. To listen on your Sonos Wireless HiFi System, go to ‘Add Music Services’ in the Sonos Controller App and follow the prompts.