Because we’re surrounded by music out loud all day at Sonos, it’s easy to forget that some people have given up on that experience, or maybe never even had it. When you spend so much time engineering great sound, it can be a real bummer to realize that many who do listen out loud, have traded quality for convenience. . . and never looked back.

We’ve compressed rich music into tiny files…and sacrificed the sound.
We’ve shoved those tiny files through earbuds…and sacrificed the joy of listening together.
We’ve played music through disposable Bluetooth speakers…and sacrificed fidelity.

You're Better Than This

Then, sadly, in the very quest for quality, some of us traded listening out loud at all.   Huh?

That’s right:

We went all-in for a nice stereo in the living room.
We set up home theater in a very special room. . .or maybe just in our living room.

The only problem is that we never seem to be IN that room listening to music.  The party never makes it in there—it’s always stuck in the kitchen.   Because you’re in the kitchen, you turn it up loud in the living room.  Then you DEFINITELY don’t go in there, because it’s so loud it makes your eyes water.

We’re not okay with this. We believe you and your music deserve better: quality AND convenience wherever you are in your home and without any interruptions.

Why?  Because you have the internet!  If you have the internet, chances are you probably have WiFi, and that means that you can have great music anywhere and everywhere in your home.  All you have to do is get Sonos, download our app, connect once, and never again.

Listening out loud on your iPhone or sharing a pair of earbuds is fine, if you’re both 11.  It is!   Tweens of the world, rock on!

But if you’re old enough to live in your own home, then you’re old enough to fill it with music.  In an age of Wifi, why have wires?  If you don’t need wires, then why tether yourself to a speaker with Bluetooth?   Sure you can carry that speaker around your house-  like it’s 1987 and you’re headed out on the 4 train with your boombox to the Bronx.

Except you’re not.   It’s 2016, and you’re in your home.  Laptop speakers are totally fine, until Rashida Jones comes over.

At that point, you’ll probably want something better.  Because YOU’RE better.  And we make Sonos for you.


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