Why Sonos fights for net neutrality

When Sonos made its debut in 2002, we made a bet that streaming would become the primary way we listen to music. But we couldn’t have predicted how both the Internet and the music industry would evolve, and even more so, how the two would become so deeply intertwined.

The Internet has fundamentally changed how we listen to music. Not only has it given people the ability to stream music almost instantaneously, it has opened the floodgates for freedom of expression, given unknown artists a chance to share their music with the world and the tools for billions of people to listen. These advancements inspire us every day, and drive us to create experiences that let fans listen to the music they love out loud, in every room in their homes.

Many of these Sonos experiences wouldn’t be possible without the net neutrality policies that exist today.

Net neutrality, and the regulations that uphold it are inextricably linked to the idea of a free and open internet – and thus the success and the future of music, our success as a company, and the experience of every Sonos user.

Sonos was born to a free and open Internet, we have built our business around it, and thrived as a part of it. Net neutrality is the cornerstone of this concept. It gives everyone – big or small, well known or unknown – an equal opportunity to participate in the world’s biggest and most active marketplace; the Internet.

We believe that reversing these net neutrality regulations would fundamentally change the internet and the music industry – and not for the better. Giving large service providers free reign would create unfair competition and distort the playing field that currently gives new companies and budding artists the chance to bring their message to the masses.

Think about what would happen if certain segments of the world’s population were limited in what they could access online. How many of us would never hear our favorite artists? Never know of a life-changing song or album?

The internet is a marketplace for ideas. It is the ultimate form of self-expression, where we are free to listen to the music we love and are constantly discovering new artists who inspire us. From both the listener and the artists’ perspective, an open Internet means a level playing field for discovery and success.

We are speaking out on this day of action in defense of net neutrality because at our core we believe in opening, not limiting the possibilities of connecting you to your favorite music – whatever, whenever and wherever it might be.

If you are interested in getting more information on this issue or how you can get involved, check out battleforthenet.com for more details.