Why Open Matters

With Sonos, we promise you’ll never hit a dead end. That’s because our smart speaker system is designed to tap into just about any piece of sonic culture you can imagine. Since our early days, we’ve been agnostic about the sources of music and audio you can hear on Sonos, preferring to stay open-minded and let you make the choices. If it’s not available on big tech music subscription services, try Spotify, TuneIn or some of the other music services on Sonos. And if your current itch is too obscure for any of our more than 80 streaming partners to scratch, you can always hook up your turntable or stereo directly to Sonos using a Connect. Whether it’s music, movies, podcasts, or any other sliver of sonic culture, you can use Sonos to pipe it through any room in your home in clear, superior quality.


The Freedom of Choice with a Sonos One.

This spirit of openness is as crucial to us and our products as it is to the free flow of creativity and culture in general. Just like the open, neutral architecture of the Web helps fuel a new creative, musical renaissance, the same principles will help Sonos and its customers explore the true depth of the sonic internet for years to come.

It’s not just about having dozens of music streaming options, either. We’re busy extending the Sonos platform to other partners and integrations as well. Last Fall’s arrival of the Sonos One and the accompanying Alexa integration marked the beginning of our foray into AI-powered voice control, to be followed by Google Assistant later this year. We’ll also be bringing AirPlay 2 to Sonos. Again, it’s all about letting the listener choose.

Expect to hear a lot more in the days and weeks ahead about how the Sonos experience is being extended and improved. The “Works With Sonos” badge will be your first clue that something new and exciting has landed on the world’s leading multi-room smart sound system. In the meantime, there’s plenty of sound to immerse yourself in. Just take your pick.