For the past 15 years, we’ve changed the way that people listen. We’ve designed the ultimate home music experience. And we’ve delivered a system that fits into your life, plays in any room, and works with every music service – all through speakers that sound amazing.


Patrick Spence
Patrick Spence, CEO

Today, we’re ready to once again change the way that people listen. And we’re going to do that by creating a device that will listen. We’re proud to introduce Sonos One.

Sonos One is the smart speaker for music lovers. It lets you control your speakers with just the sound of your voice. It makes it easier than ever to fill your home with the music and entertainment that you love. And it is the first step toward what we believe will be the future of home audio.

We live in a golden age of content. With a single tap, you can access everything from movies to music to podcasts on demand, in any room, on any device. And with voice assistants, that content is becoming more accessible than ever before. It’s literally there for the asking. We call this the sonic internet. But there’s a problem. We’re listening to all of it on speakers that weren’t actually built for sound.

There are a lot of speakers you can talk to, but Sonos One is the only one you’ll want to listen to.

With Sonos One, our goal is to unlock the potential of this content by building the best possible sound platform for the home. We’re taking the same level of thought and care that went into delivering the ultimate music experience, and using it to create to ultimate sound experience. And we’re doing that in three key ways:

An agnostic approach to voice.

Just as we take an open approach to music services, we’re taking an open approach to voice assistants. As of today, you can now control the entire Sonos home sound system through Alexa. Or, if you already own Sonos, you can control it with an Echo, Dot or other Alexa-enabled device via free software update. And, in 2018, we will be adding the Google Assistant to Sonos One as well.

An open platform for all.

We’re creating new opportunities for software development on the Sonos system. Today our developer portal goes live. And by 2018, our sound platform for the home will be open for anyone with a great idea on how to unlock the sonic internet on Sonos. In the meantime, we’ve started a certification program for the companies that meet the highest standards of quality. In the coming weeks, certified partners – including Wrensilva, Tunesmap, Lutron, iPort, WINK, Yonomi, and Enno – will be able to display a “Works with Sonos” badge.

We’re also bringing Apple’s AirPlay 2 to the Sonos platform, which will allow you to play audio from any Apple iOS device on your Sonos speakers. The next time you watch Game of Thrones on your iPad or listen to a podcast on your iPhone, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the sound of your Sonos speakers.

Simpler navigation
for the entire app

An expanded app experience.

Finally, adding voice doesn’t mean we’re focusing only on voice. Last year, we enabled people to control Sonos from directly within the Spotify app. Based on the popularity and success of that program, we’re expanding direct control capabilities to a variety of additional services. By the end of the year, you’ll be able to control Sonos directly from the Tidal and Pandora apps. And early next year, you’ll be able to do the same thing from iHeartRadio and Kuke Music in China.

And because we remain fully committed to perfecting our own app experience, today, we are also launching a fully redesigned Sonos app. We’ve simplified navigation. We’ve improved room control. And most importantly, we’ve made it faster to access the music you love.

You can see why today was a huge day for all of us at Sonos. Our incredible team of technologists and music lovers has done the amazing work of developing the hardware and software that reflect our vision for the future. We’ve taken the time over the last year to reflect on who we are at Sonos, and to see what we can do to unlock the potential of our talented team so they can innovate quickly and fearlessly. Sonos One will be the fastest we’ve ever brought product innovation like this to market from concept to availability, and that doesn’t happen without incredible team work. I’m confident this is the first of many great things to come.

I know I’m proud of Sonos One and the many people who made it possible, and I’m honored to share it with the world. I think all our owners are going to love it too, and that they are going to listen more, and listen better.


Patrick Spence
Chief Executive Officer

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