On Friday, Sonos won a jury verdict finding willful infringement of Sonos’s patents in the first of our two-trial patent infringement suit against Denon. The jury’s verdict validates a decision we made back in October 2014 to hold Denon accountable for a blatant copying effort with their HEOS product line. The verdict underscores our belief in genuine innovation and mutual respect for intellectual property as a basis for healthy competition as well as partnership.

We’re proud of our story – of how we started and what we invented, and we continue to win new admirers in the industry and among music lovers. Despite being much smaller than most of the others on the list, IEEE Spectrum ranks us 2nd among electronics companies and 19th overall in its most recent global Patent Power Scorecard, a testament to the value of multi-room wireless audio in today’s smart speaker market.

While we’re grateful for the victory this round in Sonos v. Denon, we’d honestly rather not do this again. Another trial on the remaining patents-in-suit and Denon’s countersuit are still to come.

We believe patent portfolios should contribute to shaping new industry relationships and developing new products and services. Our own experience with partnerships shows customers benefit immensely from them.

Let’s all direct our energy to do more of that.


Craig Shelburne
Chief Legal Officer