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Put your speakers wherever you want and still get great sound.

Trueplay speaker tuning is here.

I get a weird feeling every year when I visit the eye doctor. He asks me which set of lenses make the tiny letters look better. Click – how about this? OK, now this? What if I mess up and commit to the wrong one, and get prescribed glasses that are just a little bit fuzzy? My whole world will be just a tad blurry for the whole next year!

It’s that unsure feeling that, for whatever reason, you just aren’t getting the most out of something. It’s that doubt that creeps in when you order a nice bottle of wine at a restaurant and don’t know if you’ll be able to pick up the supposed notes of overripe huckleberry and wilted fennel on the nose. Can you ever truly enjoy fancy single-origin pour-over fair-trade something-else-snooty coffee like the roaster with the handlebar mustache intended?

Now, what if someone invented the technology that always made sure you got a great cup of coffee out of your machine every time? No need to futz with settings — just get down to relaxing with the Sunday paper on your couch.

Sonos decided to do exactly that with our new Trueplay functionality — a huge advancement for all Sonos speakers, and it’s available for you and the millions of Sonos speakers already in the world today. (Until we enter the home beverage market, you’ll need to wait for Trueplay Coffee.)


Rick Rubin, a long-time friend of ours who knows a thing or two about what it means for something to sound good, has been thinking about this possibility for quite some time. “Anytime we get new speakers in the studio, we hire a professional to come in and tune the speakers to the room,” he explained in a recent interview with Neil Strauss via Sonos Studio. “Every room sounds different, so you need someone to come in and EQ those speakers for the space. So I suggested to John, the founder of Sonos, that it would be interesting if there were a way to make that same technology available for everybody.”

It turns out Rick’s challenge wasn’t easy. Four years later, after late-night lab sessions and testing around the world in thousands of real listeners’ rooms, we’re super excited to bring you Trueplay.

“By hiding lots of super smart tech under the hood, we’ve ensured that no matter how you tune, you’ll always get the best result.”

Trueplay uses the microphone in your iPhone or iPad and a quick setup process to ensure your Sonos speakers always sound their best, whether you’ve placed one on the most perfect pedestal or hid one inside your kitchen cabinet above the coffee grinder. Now you can violate one of those audiophile rules and put your speakers where you actually want them: behind, above, under or inside and still get awesome sound.

Best of all, Trueplay tuning requires no special expertise. By hiding lots of super smart tech under the hood, we’ve ensured that no matter how you tune, you’ll always get the best result.

Actually making the Trueplay tuning process easy for everyone was the hardest part of Rick’s challenge. We’re not the first company to think about using a microphone to tune a speaker — but we are the first to do it in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a self-made sommelier trying to judge the quality of a wine, or a home barista trying to guess how many grams of coffee per centiliter of water are needed.

Maybe you don’t know where in your room to walk when tuning? Don’t worry, we automatically check to make sure you’re covering the room properly.

What if you move your iPhone too fast and wind noises obscure the measurement? We automatically detect it and let you know to slow down a bit.

Mine. (image via @alanacurranoberski)

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Perhaps your cute doggie got spooked by our test tones (they kind of sound like aliens…) and barked during the tuning? It’s OK, we built an algorithm to remove dog barks just in case, so now your furry friend can be ready to protect when the flying saucers actually arrive.

Our speakers operate one step ahead thanks to our software and app upgrades. Where other technology simply gets obsolete and outdated once new versions are released, ours grows with time and with you. Whether you’ve had your Sonos speaker for three months or three years, Trueplay is now yours.

We can’t wait for you to try out Trueplay in your own home. Brew yourself a meticulously-measured pour-over coffee, or reach for whatever java you’ve got in your cabinet, and wing it. Get tuning any way you want…with Trueplay we’ll make sure the sound is great no matter what you’re working with.

Find out more about Trueplay, and check out Rick Rubin using Trueplay in his Malibu home in our newest TV spot: