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What a summer we have to look forward to. From the European Cup in France to the Olympics in Rio, the Tour De France to Wimbledon, we’re spoilt for choice. Besides music, there are few things that can get you as fired up as cheering for your team. And whilst we’re not all lucky enough to be a part of the crowd at St. Jakob-Park or Maracanã, you can still soak up every moment with the people you really care about in your own #homestadium.

Of course you can watch sport alone, but with a crowd of friends cheering for the same team, the experience becomes something else entirely. It turns two hours on the sofa into a party. Who do you turn to as the keeper edges a penalty in the dying moments of the match? Whose shoulder do you cry on when it doesn’t go your way, and more importantly, who will help you celebrate (all night) when you bring it home? That is what your home stadium is for.

Sound is a big part of watching any game. Channeling the stadium into your living room can turn a quiet, stressful moment into the intense, visceral feeling of cheering alongside tens of thousands of fans. You don’t want to be that person who invites your friends over, only to disappoint with muffled sound as Usain Bolt is hurtling towards another 100m world record, or at halftime when you need some tunes to keep the mood alive. Sonos Playbar and our speakers transform your regular TV into a home theater and music system at the top of its game.

Here’s how you to make the most of the Summer of Sport with your Playbar:

Pick Your Warm-Up Soundtrack: Get limbered up and set the mood with music. Whip up a playlist of songs that mean something to you to get your blood pumping.  Tell friends to come early so they can join in, add songs to the queue and get in the mood before the game begins.

Surround Yourself: Sitting in the stands, the noise comes at you from all angles. The game in front, the announcers above, the crowd everywhere. Your #homestadium can easily do the same. With your Playbar on your TV, your front is covered, and dropping one or two Play:1s behind you on both sides will recreate the stadium feel without the drunk guy behind you screaming in your ear… or spilling his beer on you.

Wherever You Roam:  You don’t need to stay rooted to the screen, it’s one of the perks of the homes stadium to get up and about, grab a beer from the fridge. Just group your Playbar with your other SONOS speakers throughout your home, and the sound from your TV can follow you wherever there’s a speaker. Do your thing wherever – no penalties.

Use the PLAY 1 outdoors.

Go Local: To up the international ante, ditch the dodgy broadcast TV commentary and load up your favorite local radio and sports broadcasters to make your #homestadium experience all the better. Not sure how to do that? Allow us: Here’s a list of radio stations that will be carrying the Euro Cup as well as the Olympics.

Prepare (Musically) for Any Outcome: At the end of the match, you might be jumping on the couch in pure post-victory bliss, or the agony of defeat will have you pulling your hair out and wondering what just happened to cause that sudden collapse. Hopefully it’s not the latter, but it’s always best to be prepared: You’re not going to want to fire up “We are the Champions” if you’re mourning, so have Neal Casal’s “The Losing End Again” on standby just in case. Of course you won’t need it because your team is going to win it all, so this advice is for someone else…

Wishing you all good luck, good sport, and good tunes. And if your home theater game is still in the amateur ranks, we’ve got you covered.