Get Ready for Prime Time

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We believe technology should promise convenience, which is why we’re excited to work with Amazon to bring Prime Music to Sonos.

Amazon shares our quest for the everyday simple.  Prime members already enjoy seamless shopping, the ability to magically make any product on earth show up at your door in 2 days or less. Sonos speakers and software are designed to blend into our lives, leaving just the simple everyday pleasure of music everywhere. Now in Beta on Sonos, Amazon Prime members can magically stream more than a million songs into their home, in an instant, for free.

If you’re sick of making decisions, let Prime Stations create the soundtrack for your day.  Prime Stations are ad-free—you can even pause, replay, or skip as often as you would like—so sit-back, relax and go “All Acoustic” or have a “Top Pop” dance party; there are hundreds of stations for every musical mood you may have. You can even find that perfect Station catered to your favorite artists like Janet, Taylor, Calvin, Kanye, Katy and some Stones that gather no moss.

Plus, there are more than one thousand expertly curated Prime Playlists to make yourself “Happy & Upbeat” or you could unleash your inner “Boss, not Bossy” while doing your ‘better’ half’s dishes, again.

Try it for yourself today in beta on Sonos (available in the US only).  Sign up for the Sonos Public Software Beta, add Amazon Music from the Music Menu and enter your Prime account info. If you’re not a Prime member, Amazon offers a free 30-day trial. To sign up, visit