Is there a better place to be than Seattle? Not if you ask the folks that call it home. We recently had the pleasure of getting together with some of Seattle’s finest under one fantastically designed Airbnb pad. Music was of course pouring through every room all weekend (as was the wine). So as a souvenir, we asked some of these fabulous folks to share their soundtrack to Seattle, the tracks that inspire them daily and fill their home.

Sub Pop Records

Sonos in Seattle - Day 1

“Seattle is our home. It’s simply impossible to imagine Sub Pop existing anywhere else. The music from this region and the community that supports it is not only vital to our success, it’s what inspires us to keep doing what we do.”

Seattle Seed Co.

Sonos in Seattle - Day 3

“It seems redundant to say that Seattle means everything to Seattle Seed Co., but it’s true.  This city has given us life that might not have been possible somewhere else.  Seattleites are passionate about global citizenship, sustainable living, and supporting local businesses, which are all the things that we stand for as an organic company.”

Mystery Made

Sonos in Seattle - Day 3

“Mystery Made is a design collective rooted in the Pacific Northwest, driven by three close friends with years of experience in action sports and brand design.  Mystery Made strives to elevate and innovate creative designs that communicate our clients’ products and ideas.  With the recent launch of their men’s boutique, the shop vibe embodies the authentic PNW outdoor feel from the moment you walk in the door.  The background music, reclaimed wood, campfire incense, and curated collection of clothing, goods and gifts truly reflect the modern Northwest pioneer.” 

8 Limbs Yoga

Sonos in Seattle - Hands in the Air

“In yoga philosophy there is a word, ‘Nada,’ which means deep listening, or to heighten one’s ability to tap into the primordial sound vibration that is present in everyone and everything. When I craft a yoga playlist I aim to create an atmosphere that lifts the practitioner up from the mundane towards a more extraordinary state of consciousness. Music is so important! To me, Seattle represents something a little rugged, a little innocent, a little bit heady. I hope this playlist can express the vibe of the city that shaped me!”

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