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Are you sitting comfortably? Chances are you aren’t sitting at all. Technology’s changed the way we read, the way we live and – of course – the way we listen. But it also has a habit of taking center stage at home when we’d really rather spend time doing what matters. Enjoying the music. From removing the need for that RCA jungle to designing sub woofers that don’t need hiding out of view, we’re on a bit of a quest to help us all listen better and live a simpler, less cluttered life.

It’s this mission that’s opened a lot of doors to working with folks that share the same values. Stripping back to the bare essentials to make the basics sing. That’s why we partnered with Copenhagen-based furniture workshop Københavns Møbelsnedkeri for the launch of our new white Sub speaker.  A collaboration in music and design, their unmistakably Nordic minimalist approach sits nicely with the Sub’s versatile aesthetic.

We asked KBH to create a piece of furniture that could act as the perfect set up for an immersive listening experience. The result was the team’s custom-built lounge chair which brings together design, comfort and a love for music with a shape that echoes the Sub’s form.


KBH’s awesome design credentials speak for themselves. But it was the fact that they’re music lovers with passion that spills over to their craft that appealed to us the most. It’s a connection that resonates with Kim Dolva at KBH “the way you would create a song and you would create a piece of furniture, there’s a lot of the same things” he told us. “The way we created this chair, it’s not an open chair – it’s taut and it kind of surrounds you! We wanted to make it as comfortable as possible so you can sit for hours and hours and enjoy music. It’s about shutting down and just listening.”

We can’t think of a better way to spend the next few hours and hope you’ll take a pause next time you’re sitting in your favorite chair to shut down and listen out loud.