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What do you know about Ziggy Marley? Owner of six Grammy’s, maker of a number of critically acclaimed albums, activist for important matters like education and healthcare, producer of a line of organic food – Ziggy is creative and productive, to say the least. With a rich musical heritage and music being a huge part of his life from the early days, Ziggy knows what he’s doing and he does it well.

The new album Fly Rasta, to be released on April 15th, is an album from Ziggy that is set to be nothing less than great if we have learnt anything throughout the years – and during his evening at Sonos Studio LA we got to experience it first hand. The thing is: it’s about the music, how you experience it and it’s about the person who makes it, the one who creates it. And with Ziggy we’re fans of all three of those things.

This video – Sonos Studio: An Evening With Ziggy Marley – lets you get to know Ziggy better and presents a performance of the new track “I Don’t Wanna Live on Mars”. Enjoy.

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