This month sees the launch of Gorillaz’ first album in six years – Humanz – and we’re excited to be helping them celebrate. Together, we’re creating an immersive audio and visual experience called the Spirit House – a place where fans can go deeper into the band’s dark, fantasy world, be dazzled by spectacular visuals, and surround by high fidelity sound.

And it’s all brought to life by Playbase, the latest addition to our home theatre range and the perfect fit for this sonic adventure.



As bassist, Murdoc Niccals, puts it, “Come and bathe in high-tech sound, feast on unearthly visuals, and let the experience take you on the ultimate trip.”

From April 21 onwards, Spirit Houses will be bringing the transformative power of Playbase to fans all over the world. These spaces will include a real-life manifestation of Murdoc, 2D, Russel and Noodle’s lounge in Gorillaz’ own home, offering fans the opportunity to dive deeper into their world through music and visuals, physical installations and projection mapping technology.

  • New York City

    Friday, April 21 - Sunday, April 23
    12 - 8pm

    39 South 5th Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11249

  • Berlin

    Frietag 28. April - Sonntag 30. April
    12 bis 20 Uhr

    Kaufhaus Jandorf
    Brunnenstraße 19-20
    10119 BERLIN

  • Amsterdam

    Zaterdag 6 mei
    11:00u. - 20:00u.

    Gabriel Rolt Gallery
    Tolstraat 84
    1073 SE Amsterdam

Admittance is free and fans can register for entry at

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