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We hung out with Sean Foreman, songwriter, musician, and one half of the electronic duo 3OH!3 at his house in Echo Park. Having moved to LA three years ago, Sean and his wife Melanie are part of a tight-knit community that surrounds them. Watch the film and read Sean’s thoughts below on how he and Melanie have created a home that encourages and inspires creativity.

“We were lucky to collaborate with some incredible people starting out. Katy Perry, Lil Jon – we worked with Andrew WK on a song – people I looked up to before even venturing into this world. Now it’s even more diversified – we live literally a block away some of the dudes from the band Fun. Sia is right up the street from me and she’s just such a profound songwriter. Sort of like this really cool neighborhood that I can stumble down to the coffee shop and run into a billion people I can collaborate with.”

“I start my day anxious every day until I either write a song or do something creative. I have a need to keep creating, it keeps me sane. As soon as I’ve started making something, I’m completely content.”

“A living space and a homeostasis of a home is so vital to me, or to any creative artist. It’s a place where you feel safe to do whatever you want, creatively, musically. My older brother asked me “why were you listening to N’sync’s greatest hits the other night?” I was like, “How did you know that?” And he said, “You need to not make your Spotify playlist public.” But that’s the funny thing about what I do in my house. I listen to such a vast spectrum of stuff and discover so much new music just in the confines of my house. I have this process – especially with Sonos – where I put on new music and get so many ideas – and I turn that off and go straight into the studio and immediately create. This BPM and this kind of feel, or ska or reggaeton. That’s the alchemy and the process. And that’s primarily the house – between me and my wife Melanie we build and decorate it – it’s an inspirational place. I’ve got guitars and basses and a piano just to grab and play at any moment.”

“That was key for me, getting that place that I could call home, where I could sit and create and have friends come over and collaborate and have artists come through and those things are so important for me and my work. I’ve come from a family where we would always entertain. Like my family get togethers consisted of drinking a shitload of whiskey and playing music and that’s still kind of what I have at my house here. We have people over, have an atmosphere that’s really fun and we’re able to create new stuff.”