Get the most from your Sonos. 


We have updated our app with a handy Help & Tips section. It’s a small change, but one that’ll make a big difference – helping you and your family get more from your home sound system and use it in ways you never knew possible.

  • Did you know you can set a timer to give yourself a musical wake-up call?
  • Build playlists like a boss?
  • Use cross fade to play DJ at the party.
  • Maybe you’ve yet to explore touch control, or hear how Trueplay can give you the best possible sound quality in every room of your home.

All this – and more – is in the Help & Tips that’ll appear right in your menu now. And as an added bonus, we’re streamlining our Contact Us section, so it’ll be easier to reach out and get in touch if you need to.


Roll on your best-sounding summer ever.

See how easy Sonos can be!

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