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There is plenty you can do with your Sonos beyond simply playing music room-to-room. The only thing required is a little know-how.

Sound garden

Use your Sonos to escape into nature. By setting up two Sonos players in one room, you can experiment with dueling rain sounds and birds chirping across the room, waves crashing against some Bob Marley, or mixing thunderstorms with nighttime crickets. Might we suggest browsing TuneIn for everything from chirrups to sussurations, paired with your favorite streaming service for the accompanying tunes.


Love your best friend, but hate his taste in music? If you both have Sonos, now you can BYO. As soon as you walk in your friend’s home, just connect to the WiFi network to add your own good music to the queue. Once you’re on the WiFi, open the Sonos app and blast your best playlists to up the competitive ante. If your friend is lacking in variety, select “Add Music Services” and help a brother out, or select “On this iPhone/Device” within your music menu to queue up any track already on your phone. The only thing you’ll need to get creative with is getting the WiFi password (and hey, we’re sure you’ll think of something).

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Family time from afar

Grandparents or aunts and uncles far away? Using Garage Band or another audio recording program, ask them to record an MP3 of them reading a nighttime story or singing a song to your kids. Once they send the file along, sync it with your iTunes or media library and load it on your Sonos (you can also use the “On this iPhone/Device” feature). Nothing like watching your kids fall asleep to the sound of their grandparents’ voices reading them a story.

Local sports, wherever you are

Huge Sox fan living in California? Try this hack. Turn on the local sports radio station for your favorite team on the Playbar from within the Sonos App (TuneIn Radio). Then, tune into the game on TV while enjoying commentary from your favorite hometown announcer. No matter your location, you’ll be watching the game like a local—yelling at the umps and all.

Pet sounds

Your pets need stimulation and company while you’re out, so orchestrate a day of good tunes or talk radio for them. Simply set a few alarms and sleep timers to entertain them with whatever you choose. Fido will thank you.

Swipe right

Did you know the new Play:5s have swipe functionality built in? Tap the top of the speaker and swipe right or left to skip to the next or listen again to previous tracks.

Got more tips you use? There are plenty more out there, so share your favorites via the Sonos Community to spread the wealth.