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POTLUCK /pätˈlək/ noun
North American: A meal or party to which each of the guests contributes a dish.

PLAYLIST /plāˌlist/ noun
A list of songs to soundtrack a mood or event.

PLAYLIST POTLUCK /plāˌlist pätˈlək/ noun
A collaborative dinner party where each guest brings a unique dish and music to share.

One of the most vital ingredients to a successful dinner party is the music – whether it be the topic of conversation, an ice-breaker with a stranger, or the soundtrack to your event. With streaming music becoming more and more popular every year, playlists are becoming the preferred way to curate our social gatherings.

As the holiday season approached, we started to think more about the idea behind the traditional potluck concept and the fact that people around the world use this time to get together with their friends in person. At a potluck, every guest’s flavor is reflected in the party, and we thought this translates to musical tastes as well. Starting this November, we want to help bring people together to listen out loud. We want to extend that feeling of shared contribution and experience to the party’s soundtrack, so we’re teaming up with our friends at Spotify to make it happen. Introducing Playlist Potluck from Sonos & Spotify.

It’s the same concept as a traditional potluck. Plus music. The host kicks things off. Give your party a name, start a playlist off with some songs, invite your guests to add their own songs, and your work is done. Just add friends and food.

Share Food. Share Music. Introducing Sonos Playlist Potluck.How do you make your party even better? Host a world-class chef. We’re offering a chance to win the ultimate Playlist Potluck experience to anyone who creates a Spotify Playlist at Which means having a world-class chef come over to your house and take care of the cooking. Plus we’ll make sure your sound system is on point by setting you up with a set of Sonos speakers. Check out the details here.

So jump in and try it yourself. See how much better getting together at home is when everyone brings something to the table – and the playlist.

Don’t miss the opportunity to see what world-class chefs bring to the table in the upcoming episode of Mind of a Chef this December.