We recently created an immersive audio and visual experience with Gorillaz called the Spirit House to celebrate the launch of their new album, Humanz and the launch of our new Playbase. We had the opportunity to sit down with Murdoc and talk Spirit House inspiration, listening out loud, and movie soundtracks.



Tell us a bit about what a Spirit House is?

It’s a cocktail bar, isn’t it? Ah, no, I get you. The other kind. Well, Spirit Houses are audio-visual chateaux through which you can live out your Gorillaz fantasies. You ears and eyes will be penetrated by music and mind-altering visuals, through state-of-the-art tech and physical installations. Plus, there’s a ton of pictures of yours truly to drool over.


What can people expect to find inside the Spirit Houses that’ve been popping up in New York, Berlin and Amsterdam?

Great tunes, custom Gorillaz artwork, epic digital projections. Me, floating through the depths of space with no trousers on. Pretty much all your wildest dreams come true in one fully immersive experience.


What makes a good room for listening?

A banging speaker system with enough welly to rip your ears clean off. Next question.


Gorillaz Spirit House Entrance


What music did Gorillaz listen to together when you recorded the new album?

Well, obviously a truckload of classic Chicago house, that being the vibe of the record. Frankie Knuckles, also Jamie Principle (who actually appears on the album). Then for that techy futuristic edge we fired up a bit of 80s minimalist German techno, care of the great Thomas Brinkmann. But after a day’s recording, sometimes you just want to whack on something totally different to clear the old noggin. That might mean Medieval Gregorian chants, or early Kylie Minogue. Depending on my mood.


Describe the perfect conditions for listening to Humanz?

In the bath, so your aural pores are clear and open to let in the maximum amount of insanity.


We see you’ve got a Sonos Playbase under your TV. What’s your all-time favourite movie soundtrack?

Beaches. I well up every time I see that film.

Music is an integral piece of the transformative experience of the Spirit House, how do you think music helps transform a home? 

It can help block out unwelcome noises coming from the basement, like scuttling or the rattling of chains.


Finally, if you’re at home and want to play some music… REALLY loudly, what would you listen to?

The Star Wars soundtrack. Then I chase 2D round the house with my lightsaber. And by lightsaber I mean an actual sword.


Ready for a transformative musical experience?

The Gorillaz curated a playlist with some of their musical influences and favourite tracks, have a listen.


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