To create the most versatile and powerful amplifier possible, Sonos engineers and designers had to rethink just about everything, right down to the heatsink. But first, we had to listen.


Despite its age, Sonos’s first-ever home sound product has remained stubbornly popular. When it debuted in 2005, the Connect:Amp was the world’s first digital streaming amplifier. The device was a hit with custom home audio integrators and others who simply wanted to add wireless streaming capability and power to their existing speakers. As Sonos evolved into a wireless system of all-in-one speakers and home theater devices, Connect:Amp kept selling like crazy.

Over the years, we heard a clear demand from audio professionals and installers: More power. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility—not to mention quite a lot of heat. So, we didn’t just tweak and upgrade the Connect:Amp; we reimagined what an amplifier could be and created the new Sonos Amp.

“When we asked the professional integrator community why they used Sonos, everyone responded, ‘It’s easy and reliable.’” explains Product Manager Benji Rappoport.  “So we knew we needed to make Amp not only powerful but simple and flexible.”

Testing the new Sonos Amp

To create Amp, teams collaborated from all over the globe, incorporating the feedback of over 90 custom home audio integrators into the product’s development. The result? An amplifier that has 125 Watts per channel, drives high-fidelity sound, and supports TV audio, AirPlay 2, plus a growing number of developer APIs that allow it to power the smart home of the future. And like all Sonos devices, Amp will only get more capable over time.

“There’s just so much this thing can do,” Rappaport says. “Amp really demonstrates Sonos’s capability in both hardware and software.”

Watch the video below for a glimpse at how all this power and versatility came together in such a compact design, and meet some of the people who made it possible:

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