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Whether you’re moving into a new downtown apartment or settling into your first home, moving is when you take stock of what’s important. Your coasters from that trip to Amsterdam? Keep. Your less-than-new bath mats? Toss. That Halloween costume from 2009? Definitely keep. But when it’s time to make a move, there’s something else — something that is just as important as paint color, furniture style and those sconces from Etsy — to consider.

All of those things come together to create a design for your new space, but it’s the music that makes it home.

That sentiment became clear in our aptly named Music Makes it Home study. No matter what country you live in or what taste in music you have, once music makes its way into silent homes, things change. Moods get better, families spend more time together, couples get closer in proximity, food tastes better, cleaning sucks less.

Name a side table or area rug that can do that?


“Turning on music in your house is almost like turning on the lights,” Annie Clark from St. Vincent said recently, and it’s that element of reflex and necessity that music lovers across the world experience when they add a speaker to their home.

So, as summer kicks into high gear and people move into newer, (hopefully) nicer digs, consider the impact that music can have on a home. To get you started, Annie Clark even put together a perfectly curated playlist for moving into a new space … or even just revamping your existing home. Because as our CEO John MacFarlane said, it’s all about “that moment when they brought music back into the house and it became a home.”

Let’s move in together. Find the right Sonos for you.