Introducing Sonos Playbase. The perfect fit for your TV space.

We believe that what’s on your TV is only as good as what your TV is on. So, say hello to the all-new Playbase, delivering powerful home theater sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it’s off.



Our brand new speaker, Playbase, delivering powerful home theater sound when the TV is on, and music all the time when it’s off.


Our starting-point for Playbase’s unique design was a singular insight. 70% of TV’s are sitting on furniture, not mounted on the wall. We saw the need for a new kind of home theater product one that supports the weight of a TV, delivers incredible sound and blends in seamlessly with the rest of your living room.

While simple in concept, fitting powerful home theater sound in our thinnest speaker yet was no easy task.

Radically simple

This pioneering piece of technology delivers the stunning sound and multi-room wireless you’d expect from Sonos – all wrapped up in a design that’s perfectly suited to the way we live today.

Just put your TV on your Playbase. Switch on. And start watching. 

Of course, this kind of simplicity can be fiendishly complex to develop. It took us years of blood, sweat and tears to perfect the Playbase – and you can meet some of the brains behind it in the video below.


Great sound when the TV is on

At just 58mm in height, the Playbase is the thinnest speaker we’ve ever made – designed in a seam-free, monolithic style that disappears entirely in the home environment.

But what’s surprising for a speaker this thin is the wide sound stage and sheer quantity of bass it can generate. It’s all thanks to a custom-designed woofer and an advanced speaker array that optimize the Playbase for stereo and surround sound modes.

Turn on your Playbase and you’re instantly transported to the heart of the action – whether listening to the Khaleesi’s dragons roar, dodging explosions in Star Wars, or losing yourself in the romance of La La Land.

Take your home theater to the next level by adding a Sub for deep bass and two Play:1’s for full surround sound. Place the speakers wherever you want, TruePlay will tune them to deliver the right sound to the right place in the room regardless. Home theater has never been easier, no holes to drill, no cables to run, and no redecorating necessary.

Music when the TV’s off

When your TV goes off, your Playbase stays on, part of your whole home music system. Turn your living room into a dance floor with a single song choice. Take your party to the next level by adding the Sonos Sub in your TV space. Or connect wirelessly to speakers elsewhere in your home – and fill every room with the music you love.

Make home theater a reality

While, televisions are getting bigger, thinner, and sounding worse, film and television mixes are becoming more complex and the result is that the sound experience in the home has the potential to be immersive and amazing, but often falls short. Playbase solves for exactly that. So you get open, natural sound, clear dialogue and immersive bass that turns any space in your home into a theater.

When your TV goes off, your Playbase stays on, so you can turn your living room into a dance floor with just a split-second’s notice.

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