PATTERNITY is the baby of art and interiors duo Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham.  We joined forces with them at the London Design Festival and talked to Grace about the patterns that shape our homes, lives and listening habits.

You’re something of a unique entity!  Tell us a bit about how PATTERNITY came to be?

Anna and I set up PATTERNITY because pattern is everywhere, from the mundane to the magnificent. We’re on a mission to inspire positive living through pattern research, design and experience.

Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham
Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham

What kind of influence can patterns have in shaping the rhythms of daily life at home?

There are so many unseen patterns that shape our daily lives that are so easy to overlook. So we’ve been looking at the power of rituals and simplification. There’s a big shift for us towards ‘design’, and what this actually means beyond aesthetic and starting to consider our patterns of behaviour, or how we design our lives. When you reflect on the less visual patterns that shape life you really start to learn more about creativity which is a big part of what our event is for you is about.

Patternity de-clutter strategy at play

The art of simplification played a big part in your workshop for us. How can the art of de-clutter bring joy in the home?

We’re living in a complex, oversaturated world and we can feel totally overwhelmed by the amount of ‘stuff’ we have to deal with on a day to day basis. The home environment is an extension of our individuality so it’s really important that you surround yourself with things that are authentic and pleasing to you. So be it through visual art, colours, smells and – of course – sound, curating your space to really nurture our senses.

Patternity plants

What role does music play for you in all of this? Let’s hear some of your inspirations?

I think music and sound is hugely important to our process and wider purpose – it has been since the beginning as it was how Anna and I first met – in the club!

We either commission soundtracks or work with sound artists for our events, it’s an important part of crafting the space for tranquillity and creativity to flow. The soundtrack we commissioned for this event, starts off as a backdrop to the talk – an ambient collation of percussive sounds and gradually builds to a more rhythmical, industrial pace. The repetition of drums and beats can help focus and concentration and detach the analytical mind and reinstate the creative mind.

We listen to a real variety in the studio – it slightly depends on what we’re all working on and the time of day. Generally the mood is relaxed and meditative, playing world music like Midori Takada, Ethiopiques or bird song.

Maybe something a little more jazzy in the afternoon like Dorothy Ashby, Alice Coltrane and Cinematic Orchestra. The mellow rhythms of Suzanne Kraft, CFCF and Project Pablo are great for focus, but calming when I’m designing. Music is one of the simplest ways to craft or change the mood at home or in the studio – and there is always space for a disco classic to shake it all out!

Grace Winteringham

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