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Now streaming Deezer Elite in more than 150 countries, only on Sonos.

Hear more music in your music.

As the growth in streaming brings us new ways to listen and discover music, it is our goal to bring you the best way to experience all of it, all over your home. After launching Deezer Elite in the US in September of last year, today we’re excited to play Deezer Elite’s high definition streaming library for the rest of our listeners around the world.

Exclusively on Sonos speakers and components, Deezer Elite not only offers millions of songs on-demand like its Premium+ plan, it also provides the music in CD quality, high definition audio (16-bit, 44.1kHz, FLAC lossless). Music files with higher bit-rates allow for more depth and clarity – it’s like being in the room with the musicians.

Here are a few things to try with Deezer Elite on Sonos:

  • Access more than 35 million tracks, now in FLAC
  • Listen to curated playlists; we’ve chosen a few to get you started:
  • Discover and listen to more music:
    • Create custom radio stations based on your favorite artists
    • Explore new music through editorial recommendations, top playlists and friends

To add Deezer Elite to your system, open the Sonos controller and click ‘Add Music Service.’ Deezer Elite joins the growing list of more than 60 services available on Sonos—all providing a personal audio experience for everyone in your home.