Today, Sonos and Sound United signed an agreement to resolve all patent infringement litigation between the two companies. The terms are confidential.

When we embarked on this effort back in October 2014, we did so out of a firm belief in genuine innovation and mutual respect for intellectual property as a basis for healthy competition. At the time, it was our view that Denon was simply copying the work we spent years creating for its own HEOS product line.

The litigation against Denon brought validation to our beliefs – most notably in a December 2017 jury trial.  In that trial, the jury affirmed the validity of three of our foundational patents.  The jury also, when presented with overwhelming evidence of Denon’s intentional and blatant copying, found that Denon willfully infringed our patents.

Subsequently, D&M approached us with what we believed was a fair and favorable resolution. We’re excited to close this chapter successfully with this settlement.  This litigation affirmed our belief that our patent portfolio is foundational, and enables Sonos to continue to invent, inspire the industry, and delight our customers.


Mark Triplett
VP, Intellectual Property