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As part of our Sonos at Home series we hung out with 2-time GRAMMY-winning sound engineer Andrew Scheps at his home in Van Nuys, CA.

Scheps has helped the The Red Hot Chili Peppers, U2, Adele, Beyoncé and scores of others to, as he puts it: “make emotion come out of the speakers.”

As you might suspect, behind that modest mantra things are a bit more complicated: analyzing, understanding, and balancing the music the artist records with technology’s ability to accurately reproduce it. And the advent of the web brought new challenges, but also new opportunities. “We’ve always been told we have to sacrifice quality for convenience,” says Scheps, perhaps pondering his word choice, “but now we know that’s bullshit.

Scheps, along with other award-winning producers/engineers, has been lending their ears and expertise to Sonos for a few years. Starting with the Play:3 and most recently with the Play:1, he helped the Sonos acoustics team achieve the sound experience they were looking for.

“When I was growing up your stereo was a really important part of your life. Lately this concept of a place to listen to music has gone away, and it’s something we need to get back to. Sonos allows you to keep all the portability in your music collection, but gives you a great sounding system to listen to when you’re at home.”

Scheps frequently speaks to industry experts about what goes into recording and listening to great music. If you’re planning to attend SxSW you can catch him on Friday the 14th at 2pm at Ballroom E in the Convention Center. More info on his presentation here.

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