Homepolish was created with one mission: update interior design for the way people actually live today. While teaming up with Homepolish in Seattle, we linked with designer Lindsay Pincus to hear her thoughts on how music and listening affect her approach to design.

Design by Lindsday Pincus of Homepolish
Design by Lindsday Pincus of Homepolish

Tell us about your design process. How does music and sound fit in?

When I’m seeking inspiration for a new design project, I almost always connect the design concept to a song that I play on repeat. For this project I used Radiohead’s new song ‘Daydreaming’.

I’ll also channel the client’s favorite artists and seek to reflect their musical interests through furniture and finishes.

When you’re designing a space for music lovers, what are some things you’d recommend?

I of course recommend a surround sound environment. It’s clearly become cool again to have your speakers proudly on display, rather than hidden in the walls or a built-in. Make them just as much a part of your shelf-styling as your photos and the vintage bowl you scored at the flea market. When your room both looks good and sounds awesome, you’ll likely find that 2+2=5.

What’s an easy design technique that anyone can use to make listening better in their homes?

Invite Taylor Swift to your next dinner party. If she can’t make it, treat yourself to surround sound. You deserve better than those awful built-in TV speakers.

Tell us about some homes and spaces where you thought sound was perfectly integrated into the design.

I designed a living room for a young family who loves music. We did a custom built-in media center to display their equipment, and incorporated a beautiful grand piano to give the room depth. Whether it’s the speakers, the piano or the kids and dogs, the room is the home’s beating heart and is always full of sound and life.

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