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Coming soon on Sonos – sound enhancements for the Play:1, simpler setup for home theater, and more (now in beta).

We’ve been inventing home audio for the digital age for over a decade. Anyone who’s purchased a single Sonos product knows we work hard to update and improve the performance, even after it’s in your home. Now things are about to get even better.

Our next update for your Wireless HiFi System – Sonos 5.4* – includes a mix of features and enhancements that will be available for all in the coming weeks.

Sonos Play:1 exploded view

Our sound experts continue to listen and experiment with Sonos speakers every day. With 18 months of learning since launching the Play:1 in 2013, we found a way to take what people already love about its powerful sound and made it even better.

We made some slight changes to improve the clarity of the Play:1 so when you crank up the volume, the vocals will sound even more natural.

We optimized the bass performance when you pair the Play:1 with a Sub.

Easier to get started with home theater:

Just like our release that made getting started easier last summer, we’ve made a wired connection to the router optional for home theater setups (i.e. surround sound). That means you no longer have to connect an Ethernet cable to a BRIDGE, BOOST, or directly to your Playbar.

  • If you already have Sonos home theater– no need to change a thing.
  • For challenging WiFi environments, a SONOS BOOST is recommended to ensure you get the strongest signal strength.

Music on Sonos – new and improved:

Music streaming has never been more exciting. The easier we make it for our 60+ streaming partners to build and bring new features to the Sonos platform – the quicker you can take advantage all over your home.

  • We’ve created an updated set of tools to help our partners easily bring new features to the Sonos app in the future like time of day music recommendations, and more. Look for more from your favorite music services on Sonos in the coming months.
  • We’re also testing a mix of other features and fixes. Check out TuneIn’s new look and the improved shuffle feature in the Sonos app.

In the past, you had to buy brand new speakers if you wanted the latest and greatest in home audio. We invented Sonos to be smart and adaptable so you wouldn’t have to.

*These updates are available in beta on Android and desktop controllers and will be available for all this summer.