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New updates to Sonos bring new streaming features and audio tuning for Play:1.

It’s that time once again, where the sound of clinking glasses, the smell of the hot grill and the chatter of good friends fills the air. One thing can make it even better – the music! Music makes everything great, especially getting together with friends, which is why we’re excited to roll out some new features to Sonos, and to some of your favorite music services in time for summer fun.

You may remember our post from May about new software and features that went into beta. These updates are now available, so keep an eye out for a prompt on your controller to get things started. Here are a couple of the cool new things to try out.

Clearly see what’s up next

This first one was prompted by feedback you shared with us. People love to shuffle playlists to keep things fresh, but they still like to keep track of upcoming tracks, or see what song just played. To make things easier to follow, we updated this feature to visually reflect the newly shuffled tracks.

Let Google Play Music help set the mood.

The latest updates to Google Play Music on SonosNow playing: Walking on Sunshine Radio. Next time you fire up the grill with friends, try using Google Play Music’s curated radio stations based on your mood or time of day*, or start a new radio station based off any artist, album or track you are already listening to.

Other new features for Google Play Music include recommended radio stations based on your listening history, the ability to add and remove tracks or albums from your library, and auto playlists based off activities like rating tracks.

TuneIn brings the world’s radio home

Also check out updates from TuneIn, one of the most popular music services on Sonos with over 100,000 traditional radio stations streaming from every continent. Bring international flair to your party with radio from the other side of the world, or keep it local with hometown radio stations. The big updates for TuneIn include improved navigation and visual design, and improved album art.

There are good things in the update for Sonos speakers as well. Enjoy some sound enhancements to the Play:1 and get started with Sonos home theater easier than ever before.

Learn more about features in the Sonos app and visit our music page to explore more than 60 services available to help create the ultimate soundtrack to summer.

*Starting with availability in US, UK, CA and IE