Sound and Sustainability: How Sonos is Optimizing Its Impact on the World

From more sustainable packaging design to supporting music education, Sonos is tightening its focus on the future. We sat down with Director of Sustainability Mark Heintz to learn about the company’s latest environmental and social impact initiatives.

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Fresh Look, Same Brilliant Sound: Inside the New Sonos Brand Identity

The new Sonos brand identity puts a fresh spin on the look and feel of the brand with a new approach to using color, illustration, typography, and some new design tools built with the future in mind. Here's the inside story.

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12 Ways the Google Assistant Will Enhance Your Sonos Listening Experience

With the arrival of the Google Assistant, your Sonos system gets even smarter. Here are just a few of the ways Google’s voice assistant gives you more control and enhances the brilliant sound experience of Sonos.

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Experience Music From the Inside Out with Sonos and the Google Assistant in New York

The National, Holly Herndon and some of the world’s most exciting artists are coming together for an immersive, multi-sensory exploration of music and sound, powered by Sonos and the Google Assistant. In early June, the Brilliant Sound Experience will open its doors in New York City for a limited time.

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The Science of Listening: How Brilliant Sound Makes for Better Living

Listening is the world’s most versatile drug. Administered in the right quantities—and at the right quality—music, podcasts and other forms of culture can supercharge our mood, productivity, fitness routine, and personal relationships—Yes, even our sex lives. That’s not just marketing hype from a speaker company. It’s backed by data.

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The Multi-Layered Art of Designing Sound for Video Games

From catchy soundtracks to startling sound effects, there’s a lot that goes into the sound of video games. Thanks to the nonprofit Urban Arts Partnership, a group of budding young video game designers from some of New York City’s underserved school districts recently got a priceless lesson in this easy-to-overlook facet of gaming.

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Architect Barbara Bestor on the Role of Sound in Design and Living

Barbara Bestor has designed spaces for rock stars and underprivileged music students alike. Here’s how music and listening weaves throughout her life at home and in the office.

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Mix Master Mike: How the Beastie Boys Turntablist Finds Unexpected Inspiration in His Huge Vinyl Collection

Mix Master Mike has been the Beastie Boys’ resident DJ and turntablist since 1998’s “Hello Nasty.” These days the musical pioneer bounces between a variety of projects, from spinning for Cypress Hill to working on a solo virtual reality album. He’s also been live-scoring the emotionally charged Live & Direct tour for the Beastie Boys Book. We caught up with Mix Master Mike on the road in Paris to learn more about his listening habits, the most prized gems in his collection of 80,000 records, and why he finds inspiration in Dirty Harry.

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Cut, Paste, Listen: How Artist Cody Hudson Uses Music To Shape the Patterns in His Work

When we asked artist Cody Hudson to design a new holiday gift-wrapping paper, we figured the process would involve a lot of abstract shapes–and of course, a pretty good playlist or two. We recently visited Hudson in his Chicago studio to learn about the creative interplay between patterns, shapes, colors, and sounds that comes alive in his work.

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Sonos Soundwaves

Why Sonos Is Dialing Up Support For Music Education

Playing music has a powerful impact on young minds and lives. Sonos Soundwaves, our new social impact program, aims to support music education at a time when it's needed most.

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How To Turn Sonos into a Music-Powered Party Game

It’s simple. Each round features a music-focused prompt that can only be answered with a song. Just gather some friends and fire up the Sonos queue.

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Beastie Boys

An Inevitable Collab: Why Sonos and Beastie Boys Teamed Up to Make a New Play:5

The story behind our partnership with the Beastie Boys—and the new limited edition Play:5 featuring artwork by Barry McGee--goes all the way back to the earliest days of Sonos.

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