On this edition of the Listening Out Loud podcast, Glass Animals frontman Dave Bayley takes us on a sonic journey through the listening habits and home living spaces of the weird and wonderful characters he has created for the band’s new record, How To Be A Human Being, released August 26th.

The success of their critically acclaimed debut Zaba, took the band around the world and helped them break stateside, a journey which has been rich in creative material for Bayley.

“It all started with recordings of people. When we were touring I was meeting all of these people everywhere and they’re all telling you these amazing stories. I have a terrible memory, so I wanted to record them on my phone”.

Those phone recordings soon became the basis of these fictional characters who each represent a track on the album. Every character has their own story – where they live, what they wear and what they do, have all been considered with meticulous detail.

Joined by host Jamie Milton, Dave introduces us to six of these characters, inviting us into their worlds and choosing one song he thinks they would listen to.

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