Along with creating what might have been the world’s most epic potluck dinner, we asked the top chefs in our Mind of a Chef Music Special to put together their ideal dinner party playlist. Just like their cooking, each one is a perfect reflection of the individual chef’s background, taste and personality. Read on to hear their selections and get inspired to create a Playlist Potluck of your own.

April Bloomfield

“I remember this van my dad used to call Chug-a-Boom. Me and my sisters used to sit in the back and I remember hearing ‘Under the Ivy’ by Kate Bush. I could listen back to that track and it just makes me take stock.”

Chef April Bloomfield built her name on bringing the carnivorous pleasures of traditional British cuisine into the modern age. Her playlist selections draws from the same rich and meaty sources, pairing classic UK cuts from Kate Bush and UB40 with decidedly contemporary hits from Fatboy Slim and Amy Winehouse.

Danny Bowien

“Eddie Van Halen playing that solo, it was challenging to me in a way I had never been challenged before. I really think from the first moment that I pushed play on that CD player, something clicked.”

Chef’s Danny Bowien’s iconoclastic approach to Chinese cooking is fueled by pure anything-goes emotion, and his ideal potluck playlist is a perfect match. Heart-on-sleeve emo joins up with arena rock’s biggest smashes for a concentrated blast of rocknroll power. Saves the Day and Van Halen in the same playlist? Right on Danny.

Sean Brock

“Willie Nelson playing Have I Told You Lately that I Love You…it was the first time I’d actually seen music touch someone in that way. Really move someone. I’ve paid a little more attention to the lyrics ever since.”

Chef Sean Brock’s connection to music runs as deep and true as his relationship to the land itself. One part southern-fried rock/blues and one part acoustic folk/country , Sean’s playlist is a genuine mix of sincere feeling and heartfelt pride.

Inaki Aizpitarte

“It’s like that here. Each of us plays his music, and we have a frenzied show. We have people come up to us because they like the songs we play. It makes them laugh sometimes to see the cooks all of a sudden animated by the rhythm.”

Chef Inaki Aizpitarte’s focused, nuanced take on the lexicon of French technique is punctuated by stabs of wild innovation. His potluck playlist perfectly translates his approach into sound, reaching deeply into obscure French postpunk for a spiky, wiry collection of influences that’s not quite like anyone else in the world.

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