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New features and improvements are available in beta for Android users starting today (iOS and desktop coming soon).

Last month we announced a new set of tools to help us bring you more from our streaming music partners. Among the first to take advantage of these is Spotify.

Now in beta, this update brings more of the Spotify features you enjoy in every room of your home through the Sonos Controller App, like genres + moods, time-of-day recommendations, and the ability to start a radio station from any artist or track.

The update also includes performance improvements* for the long-term. After our customers listening to Spotify on Sonos experienced some issues during the holidays, I gave a summary of some short-term changes we made. Since then, our teams have worked together to redesign the system for integrating Sonos with Spotify to be much more stable, even as the number of listeners at peak times increases in the future.

Spotify is one of the most enjoyed services on Sonos worldwide. We hope you like these improvements as we continue to partner on new things in the future.

You can download this update in beta on Android phones and tablets today. It will be available for all Sonos customers who use Spotify in the coming weeks.

Andrew Schulert, VP of Quality

UPDATED: I added the below edit on July 7, 2015 following a recent interruption in Spotify listening on Sonos.

*These improvements aim to address some of the issues that have caused disruptions in the past. However, this will not bring the experience to where we want it to be and we are working closely with Spotify to get there.

 In the short term, both teams are monitoring around the clock to make sure we can catch and resolve issues as quickly as possible, and we will continue to communicate with you as we work together to improve the experience for the long term.

If you experience any issues, our customer support team is always on standby at: