Sonos Beam is the Smart, Compact Soundbar for Your TV (and Everything Else)

Our new smart speaker packs room-filling sound, voice control, new features, and access to more content than ever into a surprisingly compact size.


Looking back, it’s almost hard to believe we packed everything we did into Sonos Beam. For one thing, the smart soundbar we announced today is compact: At 651mm long and just a few millimeters tall—just 60% of the size of the Playbar—it fits comfortably in front of your TV or mounted on the wall without being distracting.

But don’t let the new kid’s modest size fool you: Beam packs a punch—Both in terms of sound, as well as with features like voice control, Airplay 2, Trueplay tuning, speech enhancement (for crystal clear dialogue) and night mode (to even out loud and quiet sounds so you don’t wake the baby), to name a few. And like every other Sonos product, Beam will improve over time through software updates.

A Smart Speaker That Sounds Bigger Than It Looks

First and foremost, there’s the sound. As you would expect from Sonos, we obsessively fine-tuned the sound experience of Beam until we knew it could fill the room with every sonic detail of the content you love. Things like vocal clarity, bass tones, and spaciousness of the sound all needed to be just right. We think we nailed it.

Don’t take our word for it: Ask the sound experts. At Sonos, we use a blend of science and art to tune the sound of our products as we develop them, balancing our world class acoustics, engineering, and design talent with honest feedback from some of the most discerning creative ears in the film and music industries. We tested Beam with over 50 of these sound creators—The music producers, film sound mixers, artists, and other creatives who make our favorite shows, films and albums sound great in the first place.

The end result is a smart speaker that sounds much bigger than it looks. Between Beam’s surprisingly wide sound stage and its unobtrusive design, you’ll barely realise it’s there. That’s exactly the point: We want to let you get lost in the storyline or that new album, totally immersed in sound.

It’s not just movie dialogue and special effects that sound clear and immersive on Beam: We made sure that TV shows, music, podcasts, games, and just about any other content you want to hear will fill the room clearly and fully. You can always tune the sound of Beam to the unique characteristics of your home with our easy-to-use Trueplay room-tuning technology.

Tapping Into The Sonic Internet

With Beam, you can listen to more of that content than ever. Next month, Beam—along with other Sonos products—will get support for Airplay 2, allowing you to stream any content directly from an iOS device like your iPhone or iPad. Between Airplay 2 and our access to over 80 streaming services, the sonic internet has never been more fully unleashed on the Sonos system.

Entertaining content isn’t the only thing you can choose freely on Sonos. Our voice control capabilities are expanding too. Beam will ship with Amazon Alexa built in—And adding a FireTV device will make that experience even more powerful. With the arrival of Airplay 2, we will unlock the ability to control Apple Music on Sonos through Siri. Later this year, we’ll add Google Assistant to the Sonos system as well. And if you’re watching or listening with Beam, don’t worry about cranking the volume. Beam’s five-microphone array provides multi-channel echo cancellation that will allow your virtual assistant to hear every command.

Of course, you don’t have to control Sonos with your voice. For us, voice control is additive; You can still tap into all that content using the Sonos app, through direct control on apps like Spotify, Tidal, Pandora, and Audible, and through Sonos-supported hardware controllers. With Beam connected to your TV’s HDMI-Arc port, you can even keep using your TV’s original remote to find content to watch. With Sonos, as always, the choice is yours.

Whether it’s set up in the living room, bedroom, or another room with a TV in it, Beam makes the perfect addition to your Sonos system—Or an excellent introduction to the Sonos experience if you’re a newcomer. You’ll be impressed by the sound when Beam stands alone and delighted when you add more devices: Whether it’s a pair of Sonos Ones and a Sub to make it 5.1 surround sound system, a Play:5 for the dining room, or—why not?—maybe a second Beam for the bedroom. Whatever works for your space and your life. We’re flexible.

Sonos Beam will be available globally on July 17 for $599.
You can pre-order it now.

Also available in: Canada (English) Canada (Français) Danmark Deutschland España France Italia México Nederland Norge Sverige United Kingdom United States