It’s now even easier to find, curate, control and most importantly, enjoy your music.

There are few things in this world as satisfying as a good record collection. It’s arranged exactly the way you want, alphabetically or chronologically, by colour or by genre. You know every album and where exactly to find it on the shelf. There’s something so beautifully simple about picking out the one you want to play, then pulling it out of its sleeve and placing it on the turntable.

Music in the digital age now provides a very different kind of satisfaction. Streaming means you have access to almost every song ever recorded, and you can listen pretty much wherever you are. But having all that choice of music, not to mention podcasts and radio, at your fingertips makes it harder to find exactly what you want to listen to.

Life comes with enough compromises and we want to take it out of the listening experience. So when we began redesigning the Sonos app, we thought about how we could combine both the choice and variety you get from streaming, with the ease and simplicity of combing through your personal record collection.

Easily find what you’re looking for.

We too know the frustration of tapping and scrolling in silence, as you fumble to find that one song you were just telling your friends about. Well we realised that our hidden side menu wasn’t doing you any favours there, so we got rid of it.

Everything you need – My Sonos, Rooms, Browse, Search and More- the new Navigation bar is now at the bottom of the app, right in plain view. Here you can easily switch from searching Kraftwerk to changing your dinnertime playlist in the kitchen.

Curate your collection.

Sometimes the amount of music choice out there can feel overwhelming and you just want to go straight to something you know you’ll like—the way you’d just pull your favourite album off the shelf. That’s where My Sonos comes in.

Think of My Sonos as your own personal music library. Use it to save your favourite songs, artists, albums, playlists and radio stations from all of your music services. You can even add collections of playlists or entire genres from Spotify and Apple Music—the virtual equivalent of going to a record store and walking out with their entire Funk section.

Control the soundtrack to your home.

The Rooms tab of the Sonos app will allow you to get an overview of everything playing and change the music in any room.

Music sets the mood, and the Rooms tab will make sure you set the right mood. Use it to get an overview of everything playing and change the music in any room. The room you’re currently controlling is highlighted in black to make it easier to identify so you don’t accidentally blast The Ramones in the nursery.

On the Now Playing screen we’ve added a Room Selection drawer to help you control the music. Simply tap the room name to quickly move the music there. Want to start a house party and blast out A$AP Ferg on every speaker? Just tap Everywhere.

Hopefully this update makes it easier to enjoy your music at home. Let us know what you think of the changes by rating the app and writing a review. We’ll use your feedback as we continue making improvements.

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