“We’re all a bit… psychotic in our listening. We all can listen to something very soft—Max Richter—followed by Nine Inch Nails ‘Closer’. We have that in our make-up.”

UK rock quartet Wild Beasts have grown stronger with each album, and new record ‘Boy King’ is no different. Slickly produced and oozing with swagger, it looks sure to be one of the year’s most acclaimed releases.

„After five records there had to be an element of ‚what the fuck?'“ explains the band’s Hayden Thorpe. „I think ‘Boy King’ is an apocalyptic record. It’s about swimming in the abyss. When you think about sex, you’ve got to think about death, they’re one and the same.”

The dark pop of the new record was born and raised over the course of a year of 9-5 workshopping in East London, before the band decamped to Dallas to work with The War On Drugs / St. Vincent producer, John Congleton. There, they kept up their disciplined approach in the studio while also living together for the first time since their Leeds days.

Together under the same roof once again, they rediscovered the joys of sharing music and influences with each other, helping fuel the creative process behind the new album.

Speaking to The Quietus’ Luke Turner in our new podcast, they reveal some of the music they’ve been listening to along the way and give an insight into the making of this fine new record.

Boy King is out today. Buy it here and listen out loud at home on Sonos.

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