Setting up a Sonos system: The basics

Posted on February 16th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Tips & Tricks

Do you balk at complicated home audio set ups? Check out this unboxing featuring pro snowboarder Todd Richards as he sets up Sonos for the first time–you’ll see just how easy it is to get all the music on earth streaming wirelessly in any room of your home.

Posted on February 16th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Tips & Tricks

  • Tonykillebrew

    it has airplay

  • Jazzjja

    how do I use my laptop with these wireless speakers

  • kev curtis

    Cant get Spotify on my I.pad 1 or samsung galaxy 3 mobile. Can get radio but no songs.

  • Dick

    I have it set up and working spendidly on my iPhone and iPad. I have succeded in getting radio stations and Pandora working well, but have not figured out how to connect my iTunes library.
    Where do i find directions to connect my iTunes?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hello, to get your iTunes music library shared from a computer it’s easiest to load up the Sonos Desktop Controller for PC or Mac found directly on our support page:

      During installation you’ll be walked through setting up the music on that computer to share on Sonos.

      If you’ve already installed the software and need to configure a share this FAQ has great step by step instructions to setup your library:




    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi there Buttons,

      You can use the Sonos Desktop Controller for Windows to control your Sonos system. You can set up the Sonos software using the included CD or by downloading it from our support page here: Using the controller, you can browse and search our Radio selections and play them to any and all Sonos players in the system.

      Smile Sussex radio is also available through these listings.

  • irenaf

    It is easy to set up Sonos and it is a great system. However this video is not helpful except at certain stages. What about plugging in and connections, what about wifi, what about an explanation of how it all connects together and how it might be expanded?

  • Bingster

    I unfortunately have Time Warner, with a Cisco 8742 HD DVR. I have an HDMI from the cable box to the TV, and optical from the TV to Sonos. When I play the radio I have Playbar, sub, and rears. When I play TV on any channel, no rear. I have also toggled the cable box setting between HDMI, Dolby Digital, and Other to no avail. I love the system, but need to get this resolved.

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Bingster, the surround speakers in a 5.1 setup play ambient audio most noticeable in soundtracks and scenes with a lot of audio. Most speech will come from the right, left and center channels on a surround setup. If you have any questions or any trouble with your system please give us a call here:

  • bradleo

    I just purchased sono with three player 1 speakers and a bridge.
    I have the speakers in seperate rooms.
    i can only get one speaker to work unless I go to stereo mode. The third speaker doesnt go on.
    How do I controll so I can use all three speakers????????
    PLEAS HELP!!!!!!!

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi Bradleo, you can click on the name of the room that’s open on your controller to group multiple players together, or change which one you’re controlling. If you’re still having trouble with your Sonos system it’d be best to work with our Support team live:

  • David Humes

    Do I need the Bridge if my network provides a strong signal throughout my house?

    • Sonos Support Team

      Hi David, probably not. If you’re just looking to add a couple players to your home you should be able to run off of your wireless so long as it has a strong signal. You can always try without a BRIDGE and add one late on if you need it.