Tip: Make your CDs Sonos-friendly

Sonos offers you the ability to stream music from countless Internet radio sources and online music services, and we can certainly understand why many of you prefer to do just that. Still, there’s something indescribably satisfying about playing tunes from your own, hand-cured music selection. Plus, those who have more eclectic listening tastes may not be fully satisfied with the offerings on the web, and ripping CDs lets you select the highest possible quality for your digital files.

One way or another, if you’ve amassed an impressive collection of CDs over the years, we want Sonos to be your medium for enjoying those. Below, you’ll find links to four simple, step-by-step tutorials to guide you through the process of ripping albums to your computer. Choose the tutorial that best suits your set-up based on your operating system and software.

Short on time and long on CDs? Several services exist to help you out. Our favorites include Ripstyles, Get Digital, and ReadyToPlay.