Tip: Add a new music service

Posted on June 8th, 2011 by Sonos Support in Tips & Tricks

In an effort to continually improve the Sonos experience, one of our main endeavors is to constantly add new music services. We realize that everyone has their favorites, and we want yours to be available.

Of course, when we form a new partnership with a content provider, we don’t automatically push it to the main menu of your controller. The power to choose which services take center stage on your Sonos resides in your hands. Once you’re ready to add a new selection to your controller, just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Music Menu on your Sonos Controller.

Step 2: Click More Music.

Step 3: Select the service you wish to add.

Add More Music Step 2

Finally, keep in mind that many services require log-in info in order for you to begin streaming. Once that last bit of information is in place, you’re ready to start discovering even more content.

What’s your favorite way to listen to music on Sonos? Are you loyal to one service, play music from your own connection, or browse the thousands of available internet radio stations? Or do you prefer some combination of those? Tell us about it below!

Note: Not all services are available in all regions.

Posted on June 8th, 2011 by Sonos Support in Tips & Tricks

  • Grant Gochnauer

    Hmm I just tried this from the Windows desktop application and I’m not seeing Spotify.

  • http://www.pauladamsmith.com/ paulsmith

    Glad to see Spotify on the day of the U.S. launch.

    Any roadmap for Google Music or Amazon Cloud Player?

    • Anonymous

      Hi Paul – Nothing to announce at this time, but we’re always looking at new features that add value for our customers.

      • Hfotland

        Would also like to vote for Google Music to be available. 

      • Ferl

        I’m currently not using sonos but if they would support google music i would need at least 5 sonos devices immediately ūüėČ

      • David

        +1 – really want this integration

        • Hakan

          Google Music… please… we beg…

      • Eric

        Google music integration would make make SONOS worth it. I hate having to keep my computer running, and NAS drives are a pain to use. 

      • http://twitter.com/paulsmith Paul Smith

        Now that Google Music has launched and is out of beta, any updates on adding it or Amazon as services?

    • Shane Eckel

      Google Music for sure! ¬†I’ve been using Sonos for about 4 years and I love it. ¬†I would love it more if we could listen to Google Music. ¬†Please, please make this happen

  • Todd McCormack

    We want amazon cloud integration…..please?

  • Leo. Just Leo.

    Great products, thanks for all the hard work! ¬†I’d like to also make a request to integrate with Amazon Cloud. ¬†THAT would make it perfect!!! ¬†Cheers.

  • Todd5903

    Integration with Amazon Coud player would make this perfect.  I hope this is a service you are looking to include.  Glad to see sirius xm is included :)

  • Joe

    When will google music be supported?

    • Ernodog

      So – did you ever receive a response?

      • http://sonos.com Sonos

        We don’t announce timelines for new features, but we are eager to provide all top-requested services to our customers–and Google Music is definitely one of those! :)

        • http://www.facebook.com/tomeast75 Tom East

          A year ago????

        • Bob

          Consider this another vote

        • JillRN

          Yes, PLEASE! Add Google Play! It’s very frustrated to have so many songs on Google Play that I can’t access via Sonos! Are you any closer to adding it?

  • Annettebazin

    What about Canada. What service do we use instead of Napster?

  • Robert Macdonald

    As of December 6th, I can not get the option to add Rhapsody – I think it’s because I live in Canada.

  • jack

    I’d love to see the Amazon Cloud player added as a music option

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      Noted! :)

  • Iipeter110

    And google music…

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      Feature request noted! Be sure to subscribe to this blog if you want to be kept in the loop on when we add new services — we’ll announce it here. :)

      • Dave S

        I’m buying cheap tracks on Google Play – how do I get them into Sonos?

        • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

          I do not believe (and could be wrong) that Google uses any type of DRM on their music so the key is to just download the audio track from them and make sure it’s in your music library! ¬†Please let me know if you have any more questions!

  • Shelby_schroth

    I see tune in radio in the list as available services, but it is not in the list of available services on my i-phone. How do I add it to my available services list?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      Hi Shelby – TuneIn is our backend internet radio service. You won’t see it as a service option on the main menu, but whenever you access the “Radio” section on your Sonos controller, you are using TuneIn. We hope this helps to clarify–don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions!

  • Alex

    my napster trial has come to an end and i can’t update on napster is this because they have been taken over and no longer
    avalable in the uk. please help if napter not avalable what do you recommend, im in the uk and would like to controll music by using my iphone and ipad. Alex

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      Hi Alex – Give Spotify and/or Deezer a try!

  • Paul


    I have received an email telling me about the napster/rhapsody changes and asking me to select a new rhapsody plan.. Rather miffed than new system does not give me the 15free mp3’s a quarter that I get with napster but hey, that’s not sonos fault…

    What I dot seem to be able to find is a way of adding rhapsody to my sonos system, it does not appear asnan available music service. I am reluctant to follow the changeover as instructed as I I’ll then lose napster, as have read about other doing…

    Should I just sit tight and wait for the changeover date (advised as mid march)?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

       Hi Paul РYes, please sit tight until the changeover date. We will have more info for Sonos owners at that time.

  • Gringatcho

    One more sonos enthusiast begging for google music support… Or suggestions on how to import my goo playlists into sonos

  • Bob

    definitely need amazon cloud player support first, then google cloud soon after.  i have sonos in every room, now i need your help to allow for direct access to my online library as well.

  • Martin

    I just put all my music on Knowhow Cloud – does this mean I can’t now access it on my Sonos? I shall be mighty annoyed if this is the case as I was convinced to go cloud instead of NAS!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Martin – We do not currently support streaming directly from Knowhow Cloud and if the music files you wish to share with your Sonos don’t exist actually downloaded on your local network, you will not be able to access them. ¬†Does that answer your question and did I understand it correctly?

  • Peter

    with the latest upgrade I have lost services I previously had access to – ie radio, ¬†Also I can still access these ¬†if I use my Ipod or Android or PC controllers so why can’t I see them on my Sonos controller. ¬†I also added Audible but can only see it on my PC controller

  • ares

    Hello: Can you add 
    http://www.saavn.com/? Is there a way for me to request this?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

       This would be the place: http://forums.sonos.com/forumdisplay.php?f=32

    • param

      I am happy to inform you that Saavn is now available as a beta product in Sonos Labs. Just go to add new music service, click on Sonos Labs, and add Saavn!

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/CLX5QMBBTZND2TD4K5R2R3HQFQ Stephen

    Is Google Play going to be accessible for Sonos?

  • Iainmacenzie65

    How do I get the Rhapsody symbol to appear. When I press the more music option it’s not there.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Iain – I can’t seem to e-mail you through the registered address for Disq.us – if you could, please reply back to me here with a diagnostic confirmation # (http://bit.ly/zckxBo) so I can take a look as to why this may be happening

  • James

    Amazon Cloud Player… I have my entire music library there. ¬†

    Even if Amazon does not have an API or something you can use, it’d be nice if you published a tool or guide for how to access your Amazon Cloud Player music through Sonos… even if it means downloading all the songs and syncing to a shared folder or something… or connecting a phone which has an Amazon Cloud Player app… just make this easy, please. ¬†:)

  • Crothershe

    Why does the napster by rhapsody password not work? I have now been excluded from my napster account. not happy

  • Crothershe

    Obviously the iPad app update has fixed this bug. Good oh

  • Jim swainson

    I have many playlists that were linked to napster, so whilst I now have access to napster again non of the play lists work and will all have to be re-done!

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi there Рin regards to your playlists, click here for more info http://bit.ly/InsmNM

  • Cyphersurfer7

    What happens to the saved playlists on the old Nasper app?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi there Рin regards to your playlists, click here for more info http://bit.ly/InsmNM

  • DT

    I’m in the UK and have an active account with Napster. I’m getting an “unable to browse music” on my sonos controller, but I do not seem to have an option to get Rhapsody through the “more music” in music services. what should I do?¬†

  • Mandy

    Please add Google Play cloud player

    • ro

      Google play cloud player

  • Diarmaid Cronin williams

    I have has napster and it’s charging me and I can’t get rhapsody on my sonos?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/KCGR2FUUSQ4P2VCYKWUKKLEFXA Bessie

    I am voting for a Sonos connection to Amazon Cloud Player

  • Hj

    I would like to use google music with sonos

  • Janassour

    i signed into Rhapsody…ok…i went to sonos but Rhapsody is not among list of music options…

  • Ed

    Please add iCloud – I have had all manner of indexing issues between iTunes and Sonos player – and it would be great to be able to just use my iPhone.

  • Diarmaid Williams

    I have had sonos since Christmas and I still cannot get my napster /rhapsody account to work, in the smooth transfer option on the Internet it says go onto soos choose more music, so I do but I keep going round in circles. It brings me the website I am emailing you on. This website does not help me how can I get my napster account or rhapsody onto my sonos.

    I have already paid for napster and I have tousled it on my sonos please please help

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Sorry about the delay in response to this post. If you are still having issues with this Napster to Rhapsody conversion, please contact us at http://www.sonos.com/support so we can help.

      Sonos Support

  • musiclvr

    Any update on Google or Amazon?? ¬†last answer was 5 months ago… sniff, sniff :(¬†

  • Gary

    So to use Spotify on my Sonos РI need to have a Spotify Premium Account Рwhy?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      Our music service partners dictate the level of service or subscription needed in order to listen to their offering on Sonos. In this case, Spotify requires a Premium account.

  • Pcemkr328

    I will not buy Sonos until Google Music is supported. When it is, I will be Sonosing the f out of my house.

  • William

    Hi, I have had a¬†Sonos player for 6 mos now, great product. I find myself buying more and more music through Amazon now that Napster is no longer. If Sonos could stream¬†from Amazon it would be perfect and would definitely buy more Sonos components. Remeber, if you don’t, someone else will…

  • Cruiserandmax

    Google music. Pleeease I cannot wait much longer.

  • AB

    Could you please add Saavn to your list of music services? 

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      We are always looking at ways to provide all music on Sonos. At this point, the best thing to do is to provide this as a Feature Request in the Sound Ideas section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com. Hopefully, we can offer this service in the future.

      Sonos Support

  • Stenchmann

    Another vote for Amazon Cloud service.  That would definitely get me to buy more components.

  • Alex Ckms

    Why cant you add google music/cloud to the system?  Its where everything seems to be going

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Alex,

      Great idea! Feel free to provide this as a Feature Request in the Sound Ideas section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com. Hopefully, this is a feature we could offer in the future.

      Sonos Support

  • Austin Scott

    I hate sonos because google music doesn’t work until it works my sonos is unusuable.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      We are always working to be able to provide the best access to all of your music content. Feel free to provide this as a feature request in the “Sound Ideas” section of our forums: http://forums.sonos.com and hopefully, we will be able to offer Google music on Sonos in the future.

      Sonos Support

  • Many

    I recently bought SONOS and am trying to play spotify or slacker and neither show up in the more music tab. Any ideas???

  • Moninder

    I have Sonos but it is rubbish for Indian music, I wish they would add SAAVN MUSIC to it.

    • Vikram

      Does sonos offer integration to any Bollywood music radios? I would also love to see Saavn.

  • Moninder

    Please add SAAVN MUSIC TO SONOS, we don’t all listen to western music.

  • Moninder


    • param

      I am happy to inform you that Saavn is now available as a beta product in Sonos Labs. Just go to add new music service, click on Sonos Labs, and add Saavn!

  • Sanjiv

    Do you support Saavn

  • Jonathan Hogan

    I tried the Amazon Cloud Player and it works pretty well, EXCEPT lots of features don’t work on the Amazon side and there is NO support. So you can’t upload music to Amazon because it is broken all the time.

    So I am trying out the Google Play option. However, there is NO MUSIC SERVICE on SONOS for Google Play yet!

    When oh when might SONOS add this service? :-)

  • Soundovertime

    How does one add their Spotify Premium account to a Canadian Sonos player (Spotify isn’t available in Canada, which is probably why I don’t see it in the options….though I use it daily when I travel here). Thanks!

  • frankgu

    If you want get millions Chinese buyer, Kugou music is the key.

  • Jerry

    Integration with Google Music please!!

  • toc

    Any way to add KCRW?? (if you are not in the local LA area)

  • Rick W

    Will Google Play be added to the mix soon? I just bought my SONOS and everything is great, but I’m missing alot of my music on Google Play…

  • Zishan Mohammad

    When will Saavan be available?

  • dk

    get saavn please!!!!

  • Diego Moreno

    Why i cant link my sonos to my spotify account? i live in ecuador, and spotify is available here, i saw that my spotify music can be played via sonos so i bought it, now when i try to link them togheter ( i followed several tutorials on the internet ) i can’t find spotify in the “more music” section. What can I do?
    Diego Moreno

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Diego, you’ll want to check under your registered account on Sonos.com that your system is registered in the correct region. If you’re still having trouble, you’ll want to reach out to our Customer Care Team live: http://www.sonos.com/contact

  • VS

    Could you please add Saavn – wildly popular among the Indian Diaspora

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi there,

      We don’t have any currently announced plans to add Saavn to Sonos, but if you’d like to see it added, please leave your feedback and +1 to our Idea thread here: https://ask.sonos.com/sonos/topics/saavn_support


  • Datta

    Currently there is not app to play any bollywood or hindi songs? Do you of any app supported by sonons for Play 1 that will play bollywood or hindi songs? I am not talking about a radio but a app where I can choose a song I want to play?

  • Rathi

    add saavn please! its an indian music streaming portal.

  • sp

    saavn indian music support on sonos? Do we have any timeline?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi SP, we don’t have any update on a timeline, but we’ll be letting everyone know through here if there’s a change. Make sure you’re following this thread for updates: https://ask.sonos.com/sonos/topics/saavn_support

  • dnamj

    When I try to go to more music services, I don’t see any at all, when I used to see lots of them. Is there a problem with my controller? I really wish the mean time between failure (MTBF) was longer than a week for Sonos. It’s very poor.

  • Roger Cooper

    I found this rather old posting while looking to see if there was some way I could use my Sonos system to record radio programmes while I’m away, and then play them back later. It is a rather old posting – what developments have happened between 2013 and 2015 which may help me?