Tip: Add a new music service

In an effort to continually improve the Sonos experience, one of our main endeavors is to constantly add new music services. We realize that everyone has their favorites, and we want yours to be available.

Of course, when we form a new partnership with a content provider, we don’t automatically push it to the main menu of your controller. The power to choose which services take center stage on your Sonos resides in your hands. Once you’re ready to add a new selection to your controller, just follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Music Menu on your Sonos Controller.

Step 2: Click More Music.

Step 3: Select the service you wish to add.

Add More Music Step 2

Finally, keep in mind that many services require log-in info in order for you to begin streaming. Once that last bit of information is in place, you’re ready to start discovering even more content.

What’s your favorite way to listen to music on Sonos? Are you loyal to one service, play music from your own connection, or browse the thousands of available internet radio stations? Or do you prefer some combination of those? Tell us about it below!

Note: Not all services are available in all regions.