Experience Sonos with Friends and Unleash Podcasts

Earlier this month, we announced that you can now stream your iTunes music and podcasts to Sonos straight from your iPhone®. And while you still may be getting used to just how astounding this seamless HiFi portability is, we didn’t stop there. Here are a few more things you can do with your iPhone®, iPad® or iPod touch®:

Be a Guest DJ – Armed with just your iPhone®, you can DJ a friend’s Sonos system. Likewise, your friends can use their iPhones® to feed your Sonos system by simply connecting to the wireless router, downloading and setting up the Sonos Controller app and selecting “This iPhone”. Here’s your opportunity to bring themed parties to the next level.

Easy Access to Podcasts – The podcasts you love are no longer earbud-dependent. Air your favorites in deep, richly textured HiFi sound by downloading the free Podcasts app at the Apple® store, visiting iTunes® and subscribing to podcasts, opening the Sonos app, and selecting “This iPhone”.

No wires. No complex programming. And now, no computers. Bam. You just got one step closer to listening nirvana.