Bugs Invade Sonos Studio

Typically that headline would be bad but this time it is awesome because “Bugs” is the next immersive exhibit at the Sonos Studio.

It’s a multimedia installation featuring a band of insects brought to life by filmmaker Tom Kuntz and the exuberant loops of electronic musician Dan Deacon. The exhibition is made up of six large monoliths each containing a SONOS PLAYBAR and a TV screen and then positioned to encircle visitors in a visual and aural show. Kuntz designed the bugs, Deacon composed a wealth of loops for each, and then The Mill LA worked their magic with animation. The result is comedic, joyful and utterly bizarre, just like the team of collaborators.

Here is a little glimpse of what the little dudes look and sound like.

Music is not always a pure aural experience. From live performance, to music videos, to film, the visual facet of music has been an element of continual exploration and creativity. The Bugs installation highlights the power and fun of music and video coming together.

Each Bug’s character comes to life via a monitor and SONOS PLAYBAR and is powered by a BrightSign digital media player, PLAYBAR, the ultimate conduit merging video and sound, conveys each Bug’s rich musical soundscape to accompany the intricately rendered visuals. All six characters perform simultaneously, surrounding the visitor, for an intense audile and visual experience, demonstrating the supremely immersive energy of the combined senses.

If you are in Los Angeles from April 5th through May 5th be sure to stop by the Sonos Studio from 12p-6p Wednesday through Sunday and jam with the multi-talented, multi-legged musicians.