Tip: Android devices on SonosNet

Posted on March 22nd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Sonos Stories, Tips & Tricks

With the release of Sonos Software 3.7, which brought a major update to our Controllers for Mac and PC, we also slipped in an Easter Egg feature for Android owners. Namely, you can now use Android devices on SonosNet, Sonos’ wireless network for the home. The functionality provides faster access to music and offers the added benefit of having extended wireless range when accessing your home network and Internet from anywhere in the home. Translation: you’ll no longer be handicapped by the limited reach of your Wi-Fi router at home.

Want to enable Android on SonosNet on your device? Here’s how:

  1. Using your Android Controller for Sonos, navigate to Settings
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select Connect to SonosNet.
  4. Press Next.
  5. Toggle “Allow Connection” setting to  Yes.
  6. Select Done

Once enabled, your Android device will utilize SonosNet as the preferred wireless network in your home. (To turn the feature off, repeat the steps above.)

Note: This feature does not allow you to stream music directly from an Android device to Sonos. You will need Android 2.1 and up, Sonos 3.7 System Software and Sonos Controller for Android 3.7 in order to activate the feature.

Posted on March 22nd, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Sonos Stories, Tips & Tricks

  • tripgod

    Interesting.  Just for everyone to know, after this is enabled, you need to disconnect from your normal wifi before you open the Sonos app.  Don’t turn off the wifi, just disconnect.  After opening, you will be connected to the secret SonosNet. 

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1482678026 Steve Winslow

      Can we use this on iOS device too?

      • http://sonos.com Sonos

        If Apple decides to open up iOS, we’d love to allow
        Apple devices to use SonosNet. 

        • Jeremy

          What’s the issue with apple devices using Sonos net?

          • http://sonos.com Sonos

             Unfortunately, Apple
            does not allow access to any of the internal settings.

          • gn

            can you provide a solution for jailbroken iphones?

          • Knarf75

            I have no problem to connect to sonosnet using my ipad (no jailbreak), creating the wifi network manually. And some applications are able to install wifi networks on iOS (cloud wifi for example). Therefore I don’t understand why Sonos cannot add the feature to iDevices in the controller app

    • john h

      I was under the assumption that as long as your not downloading a HD movie to your phone WHILE listening to Sonos there was no need for regular wifi. I haven’t made the switch yet but thought that was the whole idea, no more wifi at all. No need to switch networks to control Sonos. 

    • Hansenanke

      Why does it not work with Wifi switched off ? the connection is here without a WIFI connection (I’ ve read here)..

    • http://www.facebook.com/craigfreeman1 Craig Freeman

      I wonder if disconnecting from the wifi is actually necessary or if the Sonos controller will preferentially select the stronger connection–wifi or SonosNet.

  • Stian Hoynes

    Will it be as fast as using the normal WiFi for internet downloading?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Please see our FAQ regarding Android on SonosNet: https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1589 – Particularly:

      “If you use your Android device for bandwidth-intensive operations (such as streaming HD movies), please be advised that it is possible for this usage to affect the performance of music streaming on Sonos.   In this case, it’s is recommended you disconnect the Android Controller from SonosNet and use your in-home wireless network instead.”

      • Sarah_Gomez

        How can I connect a laptop to the Sonos network?

  • Jeremy

    Will this come to the iphone&ipad?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

       If Apple decides to open up iOS, we’d love to allow
      Apple devices to use SonosNet. 

  • Rondiguand

    Is it a step before being able to stream music directly from an Android device to Sonos ?
    I can’t wait for this feature to come…

    And will it be possible to use the Android device to extend the reach of the SonosNet ?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

       It will not be possible to use the Android device to extend SonosNet.

    • Rogers Neal

      You can stream directly from Android to Sonos using the Skifta app, although I guess any DLNA-capable app can do the same.

      • Rondiguand

        Thanks alot Rogers! Skifta does not provide all the features the sonos controller/library provides, but until the sonos app for android will be able to stream music from my phone I’ll be please to use it.

        For Sonos’ devlopers, if you ever work on that feature, please be aware that android music library isn’t flawless and good apps like Poweramp use their own library. That’s the first downside I noted with Skifta as I opened it.

        • http://profiles.google.com/zlatkoimamovic Zlatko Imamovic

          You can use DoubleTwist app for streaming to Sonos with use od DLNA. It works like a charm. You will need a pro license for DoubleTwist but you can buy it from within the app. It has volume control, scrolling and playlists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1109182812 Jimmy Barr

    I am never out of range of my own hi-speed wifi router in my home. Having to switch back and forth between my home wifi and SonosNet seems like a hassle. What is the real advantage of this?

    • http://sonos.com Sonos

      If you have no WiFi range issues, there may not be a compelling advantage for you.

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1109182812 Jimmy Barr

        I can see how it could be useful in certain situations….

  • Rogers Neal

    It doesn’t work for me. After enabling the SonosNet connection, if I go into WiFi setup on my phone it shows it as constantly attempting to obtain an IP address from device HHID_ which I presume is the SonosNet network.

    • Rogers Neal

      Scrub that. Rebooted phone and all is well.

  • GertO

    So this means it will be possible to control sonos from android device without having a wifi network? No need for sonos controller anymore?

    • john h

      Good point. The Sonos will still need an ethernet connection for content but in the super rare event that someone likes streaming music, has a smartphone but no wifi, they should be set. 

    • Craig

      I was told that we can make the Sonos android app open automatically (making it a full time Controller) when you start your droid. Where do you set that?

      • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

        Hello Craig,

        There are some third party applications that will auto start Sonos on the Android. We do not necessarily recommend anything specific, but there is one called Autorun Manager that some other customers have had success with.

        If you have any other questions, please contact us at http://www.sonos.com/support.

        Sonos Support

  • Alvaro Gutierrez

    Cannot find “settings” in my galaxy tab 10.1 ….where is 

    • john h

      Should be at the bottom of the main music menu. 

  • James Rixon

    Brilliant feature, I was just in a shop the other day looking at wireless extenders. Glad I didn’t buy one now. Our wireless signal is shocking. If I’m in bed 2.5 meters directly above the router then it can’t get through the bed, I have to hold my phone out to the side!

    One thing, any plans to get Windows devices to use sonosnet? If our laptop could work in the garden without having to plug it into the Play5 that would be perfect!

  • Ben Annett


    I now get a fantastic wifi signal on my mobile in the kitchen and garden. I’ve had no problems using all of my phones features, and have had no problems using Skype, Facebook etc and listening to the Sonos at the same time.

    I just wish I’d found the feature before spending a week fiddling with wifi extenders trying to get a decent signal in my garden!

  • PJW

    So is it possible for Sonos Controller on my Android to pick up a music server (Twonky) also running on Android (like it already does for my Windows PC). 

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      Sonos does not pick up music from Twonky but we’ll certainly take that as a feature request.  You can share that music with Sonos directly from your Windows PC and then use the Android Controller to choose what to play.  

      You can find out how to share music with Sonos here:


      Sonos Support

  • Pahaden

    If I have Android 2.1 and up and Sonos 3.7 System Software and Sonos Controller for Android 3.7, how do I activate the feature that allows me to stream music directly from an Android device to Sonos?
    Paul Haden

    • Neal Rogers

      You don’t activate anything as such. Just make sure your Sonos device is switched on, then inside your Android music player you go to Options and select ‘Play to…’, or ‘Target device’, or whatever it may be.

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team


      The feature allows you to connect the Android to Sonos directly over the SonosNet wireless network as opposed to connecting the Android to your home WiFi.  It does not provide the ability to stream music on the phone directly to Sonos (sorry).  

      The main use of the feature is to allow the Android Controller to connect even if in a part of your home where you don’t have great signal from your WiFi.


      Sonos Support Team

      • tp

        Well…that stinks. So I have to purchase a wireless Bluetooth speaker to send sound from my android….aka no movies, no music from youtube.

  • wade

    i am unable to play music i have downloaded on my android phone. can anybody help!!

  • Ran

    I can’t access the settings menu on my HTC One, because it does not have a menu button. Is there an alternative way to enter the settings menu on these kind of phones?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      You should be able to access Settings by touching the 3 dots in the bottom righthand corner of the screen. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our technical support team here: http://www.sonos.com/support. Thanks.

  • Martin

    Does the Android app use Sonosnet 1 or Sonosnet 2?

    • http://www.sonos.com/support Sonos Support Team

      Hi Martin, when the Android is configured to use SonosNet (https://sonos.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1589),

      the phone and the Sonos components negotiate to the highest protocol supported by both devices, so it depends on the hardware in the phone. Hope that helps. Cheers!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dazkgoodwin Darren Kinahan-Goodwin

    I’ve found the ability of SonosNet to extend the range of the internet in the home, both via ethernet ports on the Sonos units, and via SonosNet on Android to be amazing.

    In addition to the excellent sound quality of Sonos, and the great smartphone apps & streaming content, I would say this feature is one of the best added value reasons for getting Sonos and would give me even more reasons for recommending it to my friends.

    However Sonos.. please… 96KHz/24-bit file support!!

  • Hector Eduardo Estrada

    Hello, i have a galaxy s2 and the sonos app, a bridge and 3 speakers. I want to stream music. I can’t, please please please change that, i am very disappointed with that. If i don’t get a solution within a month i will return such devices.

    Thanks in advance