Tip: Android devices on SonosNet

With the release of Sonos Software 3.7, which brought a major update to our Controllers for Mac and PC, we also slipped in an Easter Egg feature for Android owners. Namely, you can now use Android devices on SonosNet, Sonos’ wireless network for the home. The functionality provides faster access to music and offers the added benefit of having extended wireless range when accessing your home network and Internet from anywhere in the home. Translation: you’ll no longer be handicapped by the limited reach of your Wi-Fi router at home.

Want to enable Android on SonosNet on your device? Here’s how:

  1. Using your Android Controller for Sonos, navigate to Settings
  2. Select Advanced Settings.
  3. Select Connect to SonosNet.
  4. Press Next.
  5. Toggle “Allow Connection” setting to  Yes.
  6. Select Done

Once enabled, your Android device will utilize SonosNet as the preferred wireless network in your home. (To turn the feature off, repeat the steps above.)

Note: This feature does not allow you to stream music directly from an Android device to Sonos. You will need Android 2.1 and up, Sonos 3.7 System Software and Sonos Controller for Android 3.7 in order to activate the feature.