Ever wonder what goes into making Sonos products?

What happens when our teams of engineers, designers and acoustics experts combine their skills and love of music to make the next generation of Sonos products?

As a company of music lovers, Sonos teams behave much like the music we celebrate. We collaborate. We invent. We consistently push ourselves to new limits. And we don’t forget to enjoy ourselves along the way.

“We expect all our team leads to passionately fight for the absolute best performance and user experience with regard to their domain and, believe me, they sure do this well,” says Hilmar Lehnert, who is on the Product Development teams and led the development of PLAYBAR. For example, production collaboration requires continual trade-offs: A large metal trim may look great but makes it difficult to place the WiFi antennas; digital amplifiers are power efficient but create radio interference, and the challenges go on.

The creative frenzy that occurs is a result of the shared goal: to look for ways to improve the experience, and to always learn from each other. And the outcomes of these discussions are surprisingly similar – the solution we come up with together is better than any initial suggestion that was written on the whiteboard.

Our collaborations are full of energy – even chaotic at times. So it’s only fair that they’re often followed with equally lively parties, and sometimes with live music.

Do you love music the way we do? Do you want to solve challenging problems and be a part of a team that is building the future of the home listening experience?  If so, check us out.

And for more insight into what goes on behind the scenes at Sonos, watch The Making of the Sonos Sub.