Behind-the-scenes at the Sonos R&D Lab

Posted on March 19th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Products, Sonos Stories

Sonos wouldn’t be where it is today without all of the dedicated and talented individuals who create the hardware and software that makes up The Wireless HiFi System. Their passion for music translates directly into the design, sound, and science of our products. In this special behind-the-scenes video, get a first-hand glimpse of what goes on at our research and development lab in Santa Barbara, California.

Posted on March 19th, 2012 by Sonos Staff in Products, Sonos Stories

  • Simon

    How about a 19 inch version with the option of turning wireless off for the custom installer please.


    Would like to see a multi channel amplifier. 

  • Aaron

    How about a controller with a headphone jack for using around the house or mowing the yard, working out or anywhere you have wifi signal.

  • SJ

    How about a truly portable version with a battery?  How about a built in NAS server or cloud option?

    • JL

      Re the nas request – my Iomega 1 tb network attached hard drive integrated with ease. All my music is on the nas, so sonos play lists continue to play even if my computer is off. Relatively inexpensive alternative.

      • DR

        Agreed – no need to jumk up the Sonos unit with NAS – that’s a different business.  I have a QNAP NAS attached with absolutely no problem.

  • Koko

    Or simple.
    Just an amp with digital input.

    • DR

      Yeah, I can’t believe that neither the Connect nor Amp has a digital input.  Analog is LAME!!!

  • eenoog (one-eye)

    Please add an official API and drop sample code on GIT so we can create our own (web-based) interfaces in Python, HTML5, etc etc.  The unauthorized Perl stuff on no longer cuts it.  

    Love my SONOS system, but there is so much more information I’d like to integrate that would require licensing if you wanted to do so (e.g. lyrics, background info on bands, etc. etc.) but us “hackers” could easily “mash up”.  I see soo many options for systems integrators, home control, a Samsung Smart TV app, etc etc. etc.

    You can focus on the sound quality, we’ll take care of the rest. 

  • Mark

    how about a weatherproof Sonos – Play:5 or Connect/Connect:AMP?
    it’s not hard to cary the Play:5 outside but I hate having to wait for it to boot!

  • Brownco

    Just ordrerd mine tonight,we’ll see what all the hoopla is about!

    • Sonos

       Excellent–let us know what you think!

  • Jdwhitby

    I would love to see you do some co-development with cable TV broadcasters so you could use the Play 3 or 5 units with a flat screen TV to listen to simulcast broadcast signals without the need for an AVR and speaker set up…..

  • Jdwhitby

    Please get with RIM and write an app for Blackberry (and Playbook)….there are only 77 million users worldwide… is that not enough to justify some coding work…..?

    • DR

      77 million and dropping by how many millions each month??

    • Ahoughton666

      Please we need a Blackberry Sonos app!!!!!!

  • Jdwhitby

    Blackberry 10 (using the new QNX OS) will be out in the fall….the perfect new platform to launch for a contoller app!

    • Marco

      Agreed! Is so easy to port android apps to BB10.

  • Jeff Barnett

    I have had my Sonos for years.. This beats hard wiring, or built in home
    entertainment systems ALL THE WAY.. I have it
    setup so i have music play softly at night when i go to bed and when i
    wake up in the morning.. On the weekends the music doesnt stop.. Just a
    really awesome, stable high quality system.. If it wasnt so $$$ i would
    for sure have a ZP120 in ALL the rooms.. Multi-room audio, this is the way to go.. 

  • pizzmoe

    Would love to see wireless “zone” headphones.

  • Simplefusion

    I have my Connet Amp hooked up to a pair of Polk book shelf speakers.  Wow!  I love it!

  • Brucelan

    Give me a Windows Phone 7 app, please.  Love my Sonos, but I really would like to control it from my phone!

  • Stefan

    Sonos staff: any sight on development of a waterproof speaker? It is urgently wanted!

    • Sonos

       Nothing to announce at this time!

  • Rod

    I LOVE MY SONOS!  Great product and I look forward to more development!

  • Pauserabelais

    I,m sorry today i wanted to buy a sonos system for our house, but after same questions thé seller said, we need an Apple or android phone to control the system. Problem my wife and me we have windowsphones, childtens to. We can not buy your system when we are inapt to control it, i am sorry we bougth smething other. Rainer

  • Pat

    Would love to see an off button on the ipad app.  Only way to turn off pandora is to disconnect each speaker.  

  • Andre4s

    I have some request for the player software. 

    1. When you edit a playlist. Make it possible to select and delete multiple songs at the same time. Or with just with one click. At the moment a delete require two clicks by you as a user and on diffrent places on the screen. Removing multiple songs from a playlist is not a sadisfying experience for you as a user. 

    2.When storing a playlist. Typing on mobile devices is something you want to avoid. A nice function would be to set the name of a playlist to name of artist and album by default. If all selected songs is by the same artist and the same album for example. Or just the artist name if all songs is created by the same artist.

    3. When storing a playlist. Support longer playlist names.  

    4. Fade in/out music volume when pressing pause. As an configurable option. 

    5. Free and open API for developers to be able to build Sonos Clients for devices not supported. 

  • Lillian Banchik

    Two requests,
    1) Like others, I would like a waterproof system, in my case it doesn’t have to be battery powered since I have shielded plugs outdoors but I live in fear of the day i forget to bring my Play:3 back inside and it rains overnight.
    2) a ‘clock radio’ type of bedside unit.  The sound from even the Play:3 is too much to play quietly by my bedside, besides take up too much table ‘real estate’ & the addition of a clock face (the alarm function would be controlled via the Sonos Controller) would make it a perfect bedside unit.

  • Ron

    Love the system. Started with a Play:3 and now have two Play:5s and two Play:3s. I agree with the weatherproof Sonos suggestion. Looking forward to trying out the SUB when it gets to Canada but it seems pretty pricey. Perhaps a smaller (less expensive) SUB. A more robust E.Q. would be nice. Digital inputs. Headphone jack for the Play:3. The stereo image on a single Play:3 is very narrow. I would like to be able to lock out other controllers when desired  (I have song/volume battles with my kids who each have ipods, I like it loud!).

  • squid

    Two requests.   1.  Waterproof outdoor unit is a must!   2. Make a portable unit, like the play3 with a built in battery so I can unplug it and move it around and run it wire free.

  • Bryan

    Please produce a weatherproof Sonos for the pool area. Also, a smaller Sonos for the bathroom would be awesome!!!

  • jk

    please work on a blackberry app thanks

  • Jens

    I would be quiet happy with an USB connection at the speaker. So i can charge my phone while playing. Also interchangeable cover for the speakers would be a nice feature.