Sonos Story #001: Doe, a deer…

Since we released our first products back in 2005, Sonos has received all manner of customer stories about the creative ways people use the system. However, we’re not sure we’ve ever heard of anyone using wireless speakers as a pest repellent–until now. We’ll let Dr. Tchok tell you all about it in his own words:

I live in the middle of nowhere. For the last two years I have been trying to plant an orchard, but my attempts to do so have been severely hampered by herds of ravenous deer. These are no Bambis – they can snap a young pear tree in half, and routinely ring-bark everything I plant, no matter how well fenced.

I recently installed a pair of S5s in a nearby shed. Every night at eight o’clock Tony Blair starts reading his autobiography A Journey. Every morning, by about nine o’clock he stops.

Haven’t seen a deer since he started…

Hey, it’s not how we might have envisioned using a set of S5s, but we’re glad to see that the versatility of the speakers is holding up “in the field.” OK, maybe we should leave the puns to our forum users.

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