Mike Shinoda digs Sonos

One thing we never get tired of here at Sonos is hearing stories from happy customers about how Sonos has changed the way they experience music in the home. Recently, we received a pleasant surprise in the form of a blog post by Mike Shinoda, member of the band Linkin Park and solo side project Fort Minor.

Mike says that “Sonos might be the best piece of music gear [he] own[s],” which is quite a compliment coming from someone that drips with serious music cred and talent. He also laments that he’s “appalled that [he] didn’t have the sense to try it out sooner.” And like many of our customers, he relates that the Sonos music system is “literally changing the way [he] listen[s] to and find[s] new music.”

Well, we’re glad to hear that, Mike—and we thank you for your words of praise. We hope that Sonos fills your home with music for years to come.

On a personal note, Mike has joined forces with Music for Relief to create custom-made t-shirts for Japan relief. Check out the video below to find out how you can support the cause and grab a great t-shirt at the same time.