At Home with Nic Adler

Nic Adler has grown up steeped in music. Nic, son of accomplished producer and LA club owner Lou Adler, grew up listening to demo tapes in his dad’s car and hanging out at studio sessions. Now that Nic has a six-month-old son of his own – Cash – the two are exploring entire worlds of new music for the first time.

“As an adult mostly when I listen to music I want to feel something. I want to remember something. But when you have a new baby it’s almost like all that is wiped away and you want to explore everyday – different countries and different styles. So since Cash has been born I’ve been on this world music journey. It’s kind of awesome.”

Growing up listening to Al Green, Bob Marley, The Clash, Bill Withers, Adler remembers – like most of us do – the same few favorite records on heavy rotation. Adler says, “One of the areas I’d never really explored was listening to classical. I mean, probably if you tested me I would fail, but I’m learning the difference between Beethoven and Vivaldi and Bach. That’s definitely come about through listening every morning with my son.”

And it’s not just classical. “I found this app called Calm Radio. There’s a world music section with Native American, Tibetan, Chinese, multiple music genres from Latin america. I wondered, how would this affect my son if I started exposing him to all these different sounds and the different timing that comes from all the different kinds of music? So every morning let’s go explore a totally different style of music. And that’s definitely something I didn’t experience growing up.”

“I have the chance to expose my son to so many different styles because I have the access. I have the ability through Sonos to every day kind of sit down with him, put his toys out, and say ‘Where are we going today?'”

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